Madonna Prevails as Emergency Court Order Halts Sale of Her ‘Highly Personal Items’

(NEW YORK) — An impending auction of pop star Madonna’s personal items, including a love letter from her ex-boyfriend the late rapper Tupac Shakur, a pair of previously worn panties and a hairbrush containing her hair, was halted by a judge on Tuesday. Manhattan state Supreme Court Judge Gerald Leibovitz ordered Gotta Have It! Collectibles(…)

21 Controversial Clothing Items That Were Actually for Sale

SCANDALOUS! You'd be shocked at how controversial articles of clothing can be. Just consider the following examples… 1. Teens Do It Better In 2011, American Apparel drew criticism for its “Teenagers Do It Better” shirt for its suggestive slogan. Get ready for more American Apparel to come. 2. Eat Less Shirt Yup, it’s Urban Outfitters(…)

SoftBank preps Snapdeal for sale, looks to buy Kalaari, Nexus stakes – reports

REUTERS – Snapdeal’s three biggest investors – Japan’s SoftBank, Kalaari Capital and Nexus Venture Partners have moved closer to resolving an impasse, potentially clearing the way for a sale of the e-tailer to one of its rivals, Flipkart or Paytm, according to a Mint report, citing unnamed sources. Reuters: Money News