Watch This Uma Thurman Clip And You’ll Understand How Seriously Women In Hollywood Are Taking All These Sexual Assault Scandals

As we continue to report the onslaught of sexual assault and sexual harassment news every single day, and you continue to read the dozens — now hundreds — of stories that keep popping up (Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, James Toback, Steven Seagal, and on, and on, and on), it’s easy to get numb to it.(…)

Murder! Fraud! Assault! These Are The Biggest Scandals Reality TV Stars Have Ever Gotten Involved In!

Does reality TV attract delinquents? Or is there just criminal element everywhere — and the ones on TV get more notice?? We can’t answer that, but we can tell you this: there are some dirty deeds being committed by folks on reality shows! Whether it’s people like Teresa Giudice or Abby Lee Miller getting in(…)

Austin Forsyth: Does Joy-Anna Duggar’s New Man Know About the Josh Sex Scandals?

Earlier this week, we reported that Joy-Anna Duggar is courting Austin Forsyth. If you’re familiar with the Duggar way of doing things, you know that courting is like dating on steroids. The Duggars describe it as a sort of “pre-engagement” in which new couples spend a chaste, chaperoned few weeks together (virtually all physical contact(…)