Meanwhile… in Senegal, elementary schools are experimenting with teaching students in the native language of Wolof

And in Isla Montecristo, El Salvador, residents help to collect the eggs of the endangered olive ridley, a black-green sea turtle, and then take them to Gio Díaz, while in Heidelberg, South Africa, a retiree noticed that vegetables were being stolen from his home garden, so he planted a new garden bordering right on the street to make(…)

Graphic Design Schools

Earning an undergraduate or graduate degree from a graphic design school can go a long way in furthering your career in the industry.  Schools offer programs in a variety of areas. Courses of study for both Bachelors and Masters degree programs include graphic, product, interactive and industrial design, animation, illustration and visual communications. This list of schools(…)

International Design Schools

There are many design degree programs to choose from both within the United States and around the world. Degree programs are available in a wide variety of topic areas including industrial design, automotive design, innovative design and healthcare design. This list of design schools highlights programs located outside of the United States in countries such(…)

Kristen Bell Schools Donald Trump For Dumb Frozen Tweet

Anna FTW! Kristen Bell’s most famous role to date is voicing Anna in Disney’s hugely popular animated feature, Frozen. Everyone loves Frozen.  It’s got a talking snowman, a Celine Dion-worthy ballad and princesses. Dumb Dumb presidential hopeful Donald Trump noticed that a Frozen coloring book featured a Star of David on its cover, and posted(…)