North Korea Is Sending a Senior Delegation to the Olympics Closing Ceremony

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (AP) — South Korea’s Unification Ministry says North Korea will send a high-level delegation led by Kim Yong Chol, a senior party official suspected of leading two deadly attacks on the South in 2010, to the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

The eight-member delegation from North Korea is expected to stay for three days, the ministry announced Thursday. There was no announcement of any plan for the North Koreans to meet with a U.S. delegation to Sunday’s closing ceremony headed by Ivanka Trump, who was to arrive in Seoul on Friday.

A U.S.-North Korea near-miss caused a great deal of controversy at the opening ceremony of the games, when U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and his wife were seated in the VIP box with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Kim Yo Jong, the younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim’s sister was the first member of the Kim family to ever travel to South Korea.

Pence was criticized in the South for not standing when the joint Korea team marched into the stadium. He claimed after he returned to the United States that he had intended to meet the North Koreans, but said the North pulled out at the last minute. North Korea announced through its state-run media the day Pence arrived in Seoul that it had no intention of meeting him during the games.

Kim Yong Chol, the head of the North’s delegation for the closing ceremony, is vice chairman of the ruling party’s central committee.

He is in charge of inter-Korean affairs and used to be head of military intelligence. In that previous role, he was accused of planning an attack on the Cheonan, a South Korean warship, that killed 46 sailors and the shelling of South Korea’s Yeonpyeong island in 2010, when he was head of military intelligence.



A Senior Republican Senator Admonishes Trump: ‘American Is an Idea, Not a Race’ – New York Times

New York Times

A Senior Republican Senator Admonishes Trump: 'American Is an Idea, Not a Race'
New York Times
WASHINGTON — It was just after President Trump had finished railing in the Oval Office against African immigrants he said came from “shithole countries” when a senior Republican senator, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who was there to negotiate a
Trump, condemned for 'shithole' countries remark, denies comment but acknowledges 'tough' languageWashington Post
Donald Trump's enmity for HaitiCNN
Dems fear 'Stephen Miller ambush' on immigrationThe Hill
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Senior Texas Republican Swept Up Into Storm Over Explicit Photo – New York Times

New York Times

Senior Texas Republican Swept Up Into Storm Over Explicit Photo
New York Times
WASHINGTON — The heightened scrutiny of sexual impropriety on Capitol Hill has swept up a senior House Republican who apologized Wednesday for a sexually explicit photograph that wound up on the internet and raised the possibility that he had been …
Congressman on tape tells woman he would report her to Capitol Police because she could expose his secret sex lifeWashington Post
Barton threatened to report woman to Capitol Police if she shared sexually explicit photos of him: reportThe Hill
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Another Trump campaign aide acknowledges meeting senior Russian officials in mid-2016

Former Trump campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Page told congressional investigators that he spoke privately with Russia’s deputy prime minister and several legislators during a campaign-approved trip to Moscow in July 2016, the latest member of the Trump team to belatedly acknowledge contacts… – Los Angeles Times

Man Steps Up to Help Senior Citizen: See the Heartwarming Photo

Not all elderly people are helpless by any means, but sometimes anybody from any walk of life could need a little help from a total stranger.

Here’s an act of human kindness that the photographer who captured the moment characterized as “A little redemption for the suffering human soul.”

That description might sound a little dramatic, but … it fits once you hear the story.

Alonzo Johnson Helps a Senior Citizen

“The older man was paused at the top of an escalator and a few people started gathering waiting to get on,” the photographer, Paula Picard, explains.

“It was clear he was feeling unsure and this young man offered the simplest kindness: an out-reached arm and a ‘can I help you on, sir?'”

This happened on an escalator at the Holyoke Mall at Ingleside in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

“He quietly started to explain to the young man that he had gotten stuck on an escalator once and was a little scared.”

Past trauma can absolutely ruin things, and a lot of malls don’t even have alternatives to escalators except for inconveniently located elevators that aren’t always readily apparent.

It must have been difficult for him to admit it.

“The young man gently offered an assurance, they looked at each other eye to eye for just a moment and the older man accepted his arm. Everyone else remained patient. So, so sweet to witness!”

That is wonderful.

And, for the record, the young man’s name is Alonzo Johnson.

Alonzo Johnson

Now, normally we’d be super harsh about a woman taking photos of perfect strangers in public.

And then posting them to social media.

These aren’t celebrities, they’re everyday people.

Remember that whole Alex From Target thing?

That wasn’t okay, it was a violation of a young cashier’s privacy.

That came to mind for this.

Worse, Picard shared that old man’s story of fear and infirmity.

But she explains why she felt that she absolutely had to share it.

And we get it.

Alonzo Johnson Selfie

“In about an hour, the evening news will air and we’ll be reminded of division, race wars, political mud-slinging, shootings and other heartaches.”

That’s all too real.

Even if we don’t force ourselves to sit through the news, it’s there on every platform of social media.

“But today, violence, race, age, politics and other social lines were blurred and one person simply helped another. I wanted to hug both of them.” 

After that story, we felt the same way.

“Whoever this young man is, YOUR FAMILY RAISED YOU RIGHT! THANK YOU! So, please look for the silver linings — as I was so fortunate to witness this evening.”

We don’t automatically credit people’s upbringing for how they turn out.

After all, a lot of people turn out to be good despite their childhoods, not because of them.

But, from this encounter, Alonzo Johnson seems to be a good person in a world that too often manages to crush the good out of people.

That deserves respect.

The Hollywood Gossip

Trump’s Senior Adviser Jared Kushner Is in Iraq, Officials Say

(NEW YORK) — President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, is in Iraq.

A senior administration official says Kushner is traveling in the Middle East with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford.

Other details about the trip are not being released. The official isn’t authorized to speak about confidential meetings by name and demanded anonymity.

Kushner’s West Wing portfolio is robust. He has been deeply involved with presidential staffing and has played the role of shadow diplomat, advising on relations with the Middle East, Canada and Mexico. Last week he launched a task force meant to modernize government using lessons drawn from the private sector.

Kushner is married to Trump’s oldest daughter, Ivanka.



Donald Trump Calls For ‘Major Investigation’ Into Voter Fraud — Without Realizing His Own Senior Advisor Is Registered To Vote In Two States!

When Donald Trump points a tiny finger, he has three more dainty digits pointing back at him…

Even though he won the election, the president is still calling for a “major” investigation into his claim of American voter fraud.

Realted: White House Says Leave Barron Trump The Fuck Alone!

The bronzed businessman announced he would be looking into voter fraud — you know, the vote that won HIM the election — because he’s still insecure about having lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton and wants to strengthen up voting procedures.

He shared on Twitter Wednesday morning:

We mean, literally millions of Americans are protesting your presidency — but no, this seems like a great use of your time, Donald.

However, the orange POTUS didn’t realize his investigation called into question the credibility of his own chief strategist Steve Bannon — who is *GASP* registered to vote in two states!

According to city records, the conservative news head is registered in both New York City as well as a vacant residence in Florida.

Related: Trump Gearing Up To Building His Wall Apparently…

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune confirmed Bannon listed a Sarasota County address on his voter registration form, and ALSO registered to vote in NYC — where he reportedly voted by absentee ballot.

But being registered to vote in two states is perfectly legal, with a criminal act only committed if one casts ballots in two different states.

This means Bannon is most likely off the hook in terms of voter fraud. But Trump calling his own advisor’s voter credibility into question shows just how ridiculous his long-debunked claims are!

On the other hand, a pointless investigation would distract the new world leader from fucking our environment and silencing government agencies… so have a ball, Donald!

[Image via CBS/CNN.]


Squirrel Attacks at Least Three at Senior Citizen Center: ‘People Are Bleeding’

#ActualFear. At least three people were attacked by a squirrel at a senior citizen center in Deltona, Florida, on Thursday, November 3, Click Orlando reports. 

According to 911 calls obtained by local News 6, a woman called for medical assistance after the animal

This article originally appeared on Squirrel Attacks at Least Three at Senior Citizen Center: ‘People Are Bleeding’

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Airstrike Kills 2 Senior ISIS Commanders in Iraq

(WASHINGTON) — The Pentagon says that a U.S.-led coalition airstrike killed two senior ISIS commanders last Saturday in northern Iraq, including a fighter considered to be the group’s deputy minister of war.

Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook says the strike killed Basim Muhammad Ahmad Sultan al-Bajari and a lower level commander, Hatim Talib al-Hamduni.

Cook says Al-Bajari was a former member of al-Qaeda who oversaw ISIS’s fight in June 2014 to capture the northern city of Mosul and worked to consolidate the group’s control over the city. Cook says that removing the two senior leaders will help as Iraqi forces and the coalition continue preparations to retake Mosul.

Iraqi leaders have pledged to retake Mosul this year, but U.S. officials say that timetable may not be realistic.


This High Schooler Flawlessly Copied Beyoncé’s Met Gala 2015 Look for Her Senior Prom

It’s un-Bey-lievable! India Ross rejected the notion of a poufy gown for her prom. After all, the high school senior at St. Louis’ Hazelwood West High School is inspired by bold tastemakers like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and, of course, Beyoncé.

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