James Franco Continues To Deny Sexual Misconduct Allegations — Only This Time On Seth Meyers’ Late Night!

James Franco is making the press rounds. As we previously reported, earlier this week, The Disaster Artist actor stopped by Stephen Colbert‘s The Late Show and vehemently denied the sexual misconduct allegations that were recently brought against him on Twitter. Franco essentially repeated this entire appearance, only this time, he sat down and discussed the(…)

Seth Meyers Nailed His Golden Globes Monologue—By Giving Away the Mic

In the wake of the #MeToo revelations, Seth Meyers’ Golden Globes monologue was bound to be particularly tricky. As he acknowledged in his bit, many people argued a woman should have hosted the Globes this year. But Meyers took the issue head-on and, following some opening remarks, smartly ceded the floor to women, people of(…)

Seth Meyers Is Back To Laugh At Donald Trump’s Bad Handshakes & Jr.’s WORSE Legal Defense!

So good to have Seth Meyers back! We haven’t had A Closer Look in so long, we were starting to think we needed glasses! Ha! And in the two weeks Late Night was on hiatus, he missed some major Donald Trump stories. Related: Trump’s Attorney Threatens Stranger: ‘Watch Your Back, Bitch’ Sure, there was that(…)

Seth Rich’s Parents to Conspiracy Theorists: Stop Politicizing Our Son’s Murder

The parents of Seth Rich, the 27-year-old staffer at the Democratic National Committee who was murdered last summer, have written an op-ed pleading with conservative pundits and conspiracy theorists stop floating theories about their son’s death. The 27-year-old Rich, who was a staffer at the Democratic National Committee working on voter expansion data, was shot(…)

Justin Timberlake Responds After Seth Rogen Calls Himself a Less Attractive Lookalike

Justin Timberlake has finally responded to that Seth Rogen tweet. On Wednesday, Rogen tweeted a side-by-side comparison of him and his wife, alongside Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel. Rogen hilariously juxtaposed the two photos, saying that he and his wife had an “unsettling realization” that Timberlake and Biel were a “better looking version” of(…)

Seth Meyers Gets Real About ‘Deeply Unfit’ Donald Trump’s Possible Obstruction Of Justice In Best ‘Closer Look’ Yet!

Just in the past week, Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey, shared classified information with Russian officials in the Oval Office, and was outed for asking Comey to end his investigation into Michael Flynn. If that’s not a shit show of a news cycle, we don’t know what is! In what we think(…)

Emilia Clarke Gets Candid About Her Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend Seth MacFarlane

Fascinating! Emilia Clarke opened up to Glamour in her May 2016 cover story about the cons of dating a fellow celebrity — particularly, Seth MacFarlane back in 2012. "We… This article originally appeared on Emilia Clarke Gets Candid About Her Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend Seth MacFarlane Us Weekly Latest Celebrity News

Seth Meyers HIGHlariously Gives A Play-By-Play On His Son’s Birth, Reveals His Name, & Receives A Baby Gift From Tracy Morgan — Score!

Want a play-by-play on the birth of Seth Meyers‘ baby? Yes? Well that’s good, because the late night host dedicated a nice portion of his Tuesday show to telling his audience about what EXACTLY went down when his son with wife Alexi came two weeks early! Awww! The Saturday Night Live alum dished about how(…)