Halsey Slams Ivanka Trump for Photo With Her Son Amid Missing Children Claims

Not having it. Ivanka Trump is facing backlash for posting a photo of herself and her son amid reports that families are being torn apart at the U.S. border with Mexico, and that the Department of Health and Human Services has “lost track” of 1,500 children due to policies implemented by her father President Donald Trump’s administration.

The 36-year-old shared a photo of herself holding her 2-year-old son, Theodore, on Sunday, May 27, and captioned it: “My ♥! #SundayMorning.”

Halsey was among those who took aim at the mom of three for her poor timing. “I wonder what #SundayMorning is like for the parents of 1500 lost children your father is responsible for. F—k your #SundayMorning,” the singer, 23, tweeted at the fashion designer.

The “Bad at Love” singer wasn’t the only one to take Trump to task. Many others joined in on Twitter to call out the first daughter for her tone-deaf post. Jim Carrey shared a new cartoon inspired by the policy and tweeted: “1500 innocent children ripped from their mothers’ arms at our border. Lost in Trump’s ‘system’. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddle masses yearning to breathe free — and we will torture them for wanting a better life. From Shining City to Evil Empire in under 500 days.”

Actor Patton Oswalt also tweeted his reaction: “Isn’t it the just the best to snuggle your little one — knowing exactly where they are, safe in your arms? It’s the best. The BEST. Right, Ivanka? Right?”

“Dear @IvankaTrump, No doubt you posted this while feeling the great joy of motherhood. But every mother is our sister & right now there are many in despair. You are in a position to help. #WhereAreTheChidlren?Taking action will result in a lot more likes than this post,” one user wrote.

Another tweeted: “What an odd tweet in the middle of the horror going on with missing children ripped from their parent’s arms. How lucky you are to live in a bubble.”

“You’d almost never know her father’s administration, to which she is an adviser, was brutally separating migrant children from their asylum-seeking parents and lost track of 1,500 of them,” another one shared.

The backlash comes amid reports that the Trump administration will increase criminal prosecutions of parents entering the United States illegally and is separating families by placing their children in protective custody. It has been criticized as an inhumane practice that could psychologically damage the children, some of whom are as young as a year old. The new policy brought attention to an April report that Steven Wagner, an official from the Department of Health and Human Services, had revealed to members of Congress that the agency had lost track of nearly 1,500 children it had placed with sponsors in the United States.

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Pete Davidson Slams Ariana Grande Relationship Critics Over ‘Toxic’ Mental Illness Claims

Pete Davidson is speaking out after claims that his rumored relationship with Ariana Grande is “toxic” due to his mental illness.

As you may know, the Saturday Night Live comedian has been very open about his struggle with borderline personality disorder. He also undergoes regular treatment to manage Crohn’s disease and has battled substance abuse.

Apparently he’s been receiving a lot of comments from fans who are speculating that his mental health impacts his new relationship.

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Taking to Instagram Story on Thursday, the 24-year-old wrote:

“Normally I wouldn’t comment on something like this cause like fuck you. But I’ve been hearing a lot of ‘people with BDP can’t be in relationships’ talk. I just wanna let you know that’s not true. Just because someone has a mental illness does not mean they can’t be happy and in a relationship. It also doesn’t mean that person makes the relationship toxic.”

Read his full statement from IG (below):

Good for him for taking a stand for all those facing similar struggles! Good luck, bb!

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Farrah Slams Parents Who Bring Kids to Coachella Because of the ‘Psychedelic S—t’ 

Farrah Abraham attends the 26th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party sponsored by Bulgari, celebrating EJAF and the 90th Academy Awards at The City of West Hollywood Park on March 4, 2018 in West Hollywood, California. Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Bulgari

Farrah Abraham does not approve. The former Teen Mom OG star may have brought her 9-year-old daughter Sophia to the Palm Springs area for Coachella, but not to attend the music and arts festival.

“We’re wearing matching braids. She is just so fun! We have henna, we have braids, it’s like a girl party everyday,” Abraham, 26, told Us Weekly at CombsFest x nANA jUDY’s party on Friday, April 13. “I mean, these are the moments right now that I love. I couldn’t trade it for anything else.”

The former MTV star clarified that Sophia was not going to the festival and slammed parents who allow their children to attend.

“She is in bed tonight. And I just have to say, I’m sorry, the inner-mom and the critical parent in me is like, I’m at the Coachella festival and I have to say, when I see a newborn, I honestly don’t think it’s a safe place for children,” the reality TV personality explained. “That’s why my daughter’s at a resort, enjoying the pools and the country club with a nanny.”

“It’s so serene and beautiful here beyond the festival, but I don’t think that Coachella, with drugs and psychedelic s—t, is safe for a kid to be around,” Abraham continued. “I kind of question when I was reading on my way here, I was reading that some parents are saying, ‘Yeah, bring your kids! It’s fun for the kids.’ I honestly don’t think it’s safe for kids, so I have to disagree.”

Despite the My Teenage Dream Ended author’s opinions on parents who bring their children to the actual festival, Abraham defended her decision to bring her daughter to the resort.

“Yeah, in between all the things that I have to stop by at, we get to go golfing and swim,” she explained. “I mean, we’re like country club life all the way, we always are.”

The mother-daughter duo’s vacation comes the same day after Abraham received backlash from fans for getting butt injections while her little girl watched.

Reporting by Emily Marcus 

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Call Me By Your Name Writer Slams Movie’s Lack Of Dick!

Film veteran James Ivory won his first Oscar this year for adapting Call Me By Your Name — but that doesn’t mean he thinks the final version was exactly right!

One key way in which the film falls short, in Ivory’s view? No dick!

Video: Songs That Are Secretly All About Big Dicks!

Ivory tells the Guardian his script specifically referred to Elio and Oliver’s bodies being shown — but nudity clauses in Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet‘s contracts prevented it!

Director Luca Guadagnino has said shying away from the D was an artistic decision — a claim on which Ivory is literally calling B.S., saying:

“When Luca says he never thought of putting nudity in, that is totally untrue. He sat in this very room where I am sitting now, talking about how he would do it, so when he says that it was a conscious aesthetic decision not to – well, that’s just bullshit.”

Ha! Leave it to the man who made Howards End to spill tea that strong!

Video: This Twins/Call Me By Your Name Mashup Works WAY Too Well…

Ivory, who directed a few dozen films himself, thinks the lack of nudity is always a bit jarring in sex scenes:

“When people are wandering around before or after making love, and they’re decorously covered with sheets, it’s always seemed phoney to me. I never liked doing that. And I don’t do it, as you know.”

He then refers to his 1987 film Maurice, a gay love story adapted from the E.M Forster book and costarring a babyfaced Hugh Grant, and its key love scene:

“The two guys have had sex and they get up and you certainly see everything there is to be seen. To me, that’s a more natural way of doing things than to hide them, or to do what Luca did, which is to pan the camera out of the window toward some trees. Well. [derisive snort]”

We hope Luca and the boys give Ivory his heart’s desire (and all of ours, really!) in the much-hyped sequel.

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Pamela Anderson SLAMS ‘Disaster’ Tommy Lee In Statement Following Fight With Son Brandon!

Breaking her silence.

With all of the drama that’s surrounding Tommy Lee‘s estrangement from son Brandon, many have kept a close eye on Pamela Anderson‘s social accounts to see how she’d respond. As we previously reported, earlier this week, the Mötley Crüe rocker walked away with a bloodied lip after his son with the Baywatch alum allegedly assaulted him.

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However, according to the 21-year-old model, the altercation was the result of alcohol and a failed intervention. So, it’s not surprising to learn that, Pamela is standing by her son during this tense time. On Thursday, the blonde industry vet took to her website to break her silence on the controversy.

She wrote:

“Beware of tabloid gossip. This is a matter of life and death. I am surreally calm – I feel justice is at work. I am not frantic or ‘as reported’ -devastated. I am hopeful -This is not new to us – I am staying in France for the moment.”

Pamela went on to express her “complete faith” in the up-and-comer and called out her ex for being a “disaster.” She continued:

“I have complete faith in Brandon and his team to resolve this unfortunate and sad situation regarding his father. I pray Tommy gets the help he needs. His actions are desperate and humiliating – He is a disaster spinning out of control. And he is not acting like a father. But this is nothing new.”

Apparently, amid Tommy’s alleged alcoholism struggles, both of Anderson’s boys have “made every attempt to help” the musician. Per the 50-year-old, Brandon and brother Dylan hoped their presence would remind the elder Lee that he was loved and would inspire him to “act differently.”

Sadly, the Canadian native feared that the situation “might escalate.” The mother of two went on to condemn Tommy’s Donald Trump-like outburst:

“Him blaming his son or us for anything is delusional. We have all tried to protect him and help him for too long. Hoping he’d look after himself better… This matter is ideally between just a father and a son – And rehab if the stars align.”

Regardless, Pamela has vowed to “never talk to Tommy again before he is sober and in his right mind.” In fact, Anderson has since blocked Lee, as she feels it is “impossible to reason with crazy.” Unsurprisingly, Pamela voiced her unconditional support of Brandon:

“I stand beside my son who acted out of self defense and was scared for his life. Nobody understands the lifetime of disappointment this man has brought our family. Consistently the centre of sadness, drama and confusion.”

Damnnnn. The animal rights activist certainly didn’t hold back as she went on to call Tommy a “sociopath” and accused Lee’s fiancée Brittany Furlan of keeping him drunk. The ex Playmate relayed:

“Jealous of his sons talent and beauty from the day they were born. He is sick. The definition of narcissist/sociopath- His fiancée keeps him drunk – this is what he wants – someone to behave badly with.”

After expressing her belief that Tommy is still riddled with guilt for his past abusive behavior, she shared that Brandon has requested that she remain in France during this drama. Pamela further defended her son by explaining that her oldest doesn’t drink or do drugs, and “risked everything to save his father.”

She concluded:

“Tommy feels humiliated – and is attempting to destroy his own son. This is the Devil – This is the disease of alcoholism.”

Intense stuff. As both Tommy and Brittany are VERY outspoken, we’re certain they’ll have a clap back for this note sometime soon.

Stay tuned…

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Jilted Bachelor Winner Melissa Rycroft SLAMS Arie Luyendyk Jr.!

Déjà vu for Melissa Rycroft!

As we reported, the season finale of The Bachelor pissed a lot of people off when Arie Luyendyk Jr. broke up with final pick Becca Kufrin and got back together with runner-up Lauren Burnham.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened in the show’s history.

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After season 13 winner Rycroft got engaged to Jason Mesnick in 2009, the two broke up after he reunited with runner-up — and now-wife — Molly Mesnick.

Melissa, now a mom of three, dished to People:

“It wasn’t a good look 10 years ago, and it isn’t a good look now… Arie saw what happened our season with Jason and he talked to Jason before he did this, and yet he still made the move.”

Despite the obvious similarities, Melissa says the two breakups are actually quite different.

“I think when Jason proposed to me, he genuinely thought it was me and was being honest about his feelings… He realized the relationship didn’t work, and that’s how it ended. But with Arie, no woman out there wants to hear you picked me because I was safe, because the woman you really wanted you think would have rejected you. Even if you are feeling that, don’t say it!”

Looking back at her shocking split, Rycroft admits she was completely caught off guard, and believes Becca was too.

“I had no clue what was coming when Jason broke things off… And I don’t think Becca knew. I think she was blindsided. And Arie didn’t even give her a good reason. He’s not justifying anything. He was so unemotional and detached from it.”

She adds:

“When it’s somebody who is supposed to be the guy you’re spending the rest of your life with and he ambushes you on camera, those were the feelings coming back to me — when I was like, ‘This could have been done privately, you could have warned me, and now I’m humiliated and I’m heartbroken and I’m embarrassed.”‘

Not surprisingly, Melissa has harsh words for the former race car driver and his new fiancée Lauren.

“He didn’t think about the tone… I think he’s emotionally clueless. And as a woman, Lauren should have said, ‘Out of respect for what’s going on, let’s take this slow.’ But she defended him.”‘

Rycroft is currently based in Dallas, and is married to husband Tye Strickland.

Kufrin has been named the new Bachelorette.

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Derick Dillard Continues Attacking Parkland Shooting Survivors, Also Slams Jazz Jennings

Derick Dillard must be going for some kind of world record lately.

If there’s a world record for “most poorly timed, poorly worded, horrifically offensive tweets,” that is.

And hey, if there’s not, maybe Guinness can make a special new category, just for him.

Because seriously, the things he’s been thinking up in his little head and then typing up on Twitter are that bad.

He’s been doing this for a long, long time now: he’ll hop on Twitter, say something super ignorant and/or offensive, act like he said it from a place of love, then tweet some bible verses to get some easy likes.

It’s never really worked out all that well for him — TLC did fire him from Counting On for his tweets about Jazz Jennings (more on that in a bit).

He also made himself extremely unlikable, to the point that even some actual Duggar fans can’t stand him.

But, wouldn’t you know it, he still hasn’t learned.

A few days ago, Derick got quite a bit of criticism for a tweet he made about the Parkland shooting survivors.

As you surely know, 17 people were killed in a school shooting last month in Parkland, Florida, and many of the survivors have been speaking out about the need for stricter gun control laws.

Derick retweeted a story about the subject, writing “This has gotten a little ridiculous; at least 2 networks are now using kids to push their liberal agendas.”

“It’s obviously not all about the kids when voices like @KylieKashuv aren’t as elevated. Liberal Media… at least be consistent so you can hide your biased tactics better.”

It wasn’t great.

He apparently can’t consider the idea that the survivors aren’t kids being used to “push liberal agendas,” they’re people who have their own ideas and who have been through something that he couldn’t imagine.

There have been many, many survivors sharing the same ideas and voicing the same opinions about gun control, because that’s what they believe — why wouldn’t a media outlet cover such a huge story?

After that tweet, Derick got quite a bit of attention, and tried to defend himself, but, well …

It didn’t go as well as he may think it did.

For example, he actually wrote “My heart goes out to the victims, but how does being a victim of a tragedy suddenly make you an expert on how to solve the problem of stopping mass shootings?!”

Because you have to be an expert to believe in something and to voice those beliefs you formed based on a significant experience you had, right?

Someone made an excellent point by responding to his nonsense with “Doesn’t your family use children to push your conservative agenda as well?”

She even added that alarming old photo of a bunch of Duggar kids posing together with t-shirts that read “I Survived Roe Vs. Wade.”

“No,” Derick argued, “because we couldn’t wear those while filming. I’m talking about what the media allows and doesn’t allow.”

Sure, but he’s also talking about using kids to push agendas, which the Duggars have obviously done.

At one point, he even shared a story about his tweet with a headline about how he slammed the survivors — which he definitely did, even if he doesn’t think so.

He tried to correct the headline by explaining “No, I criticized the media’s use of kids again…like @TLC uses Jazz. My heart goes out to the victims, but all ideas should be heard, and subjected to criticism.”

For one, that’s twice that Derick used the phrase “My heart goes out to the victims, but …”, and that’s two times too many.

For two … is he seriously bringing Jazz up AGAIN?!

He first started attacking Jazz, a 17-year-old transgender girl with her own show on TLC, last year, saying that he pitied her “4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda.”

Oh, and he called her a “him” because “‘transgender’ is a myth,” apparently.

Since then, he’s brought her up again and again, out of nowhere, really, and it really does seem like he has some kind of bizarre fixation on her.

In his own defense, when someone advised him to get over the Jazz thing already, he wrote “I was only addressing it because it was brought up again in the article, and I wanted to clarify so people aren’t misled.”

“I agree, I wish people would get over that already.”

Later, he wrote “I seek to live in a way that pleases Jesus Christ. I realize that some people will be turned off by that, but it is actually the norm throughout history.”

“I only want to reflect Christ, and I don’t apologize for that.”

You don’t apologize for anything, huh, Derick?

Even though you really, really should.

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Nathan Griffith SLAMS David Eason for Homophobic Rant

Earlier this week, David Eason launched into an unprompted homophobic rant on Twitter that horrified fans — and Teen Mom 2 fans are not easily shocked.

MTV has ended their relationship with David Eason, which makes things even more awkward for the already controversial Jenelle Evans.

Nathan Griffith is stepping up to the plate and condemning David Eason’s words.

Just days ago, while arguing with fans on Twitter about his and Jenelle’s decidedly pro-gun response to the tragic shooting at a Florida high school on Valentine’s Day, David Eason got called out on his atrocious parenting.

(And that’s putting it nicely — fans who’ve seen him in action wouldn’t trust him with a pot roast, let alone a child)

David’s response was to pivot by attacking LGBT parents and children, tweeting:

“Why don’t you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals. Oh, I forgot, that’s supposed to be normal.”

There’s nothing abnormal or immoral about LGBT parents, but David Eason says that he’s going to make sure that his kids steer clear of them.

He tweeted:

“I’m going to teach them not to associate with them or be that way…If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

A disgusting sentiment and a deeply offensive analogy. 

When David Eason was accused of homophobia, he decided to take a literal approach to the word’s etymology.

“Homophobic? You really lost it now. I’m not scared [of] s–t, especially a homo.”

That’s right, he decided to make it worse. (By the by, folks, “homo” in this context is a slur, but that’s hardly the worst part of his tweets)

MTV pulled the plug, firing David Eason with six weeks of production remaining.

Nathan Griffith Tweet 01

Nathan Griffith sometimes feuds with Jenelle Evans, which really fits the Teen Mom 2 brand because they’re exes. And, in particular, he’s Jenelle’s ex.

And now he’s speaking out against her current husband, David Eason.

He started his series of three tweets with well wishes for everyone.

“Please take care everyone! Especially, with the terrorist attacks in the east and the families suffering in Florida.”

Every day is one nightmare after another, it seems.

“God bless and remember that God is the only one that judges and loves all his children of all races, sex, personal orientation, and belief.”

That seems like a direct reference to David Eason.

Nathan Griffith Tweet 02

He then goes on to admit that (quite frankly, like every man who’s ever been in Jenelle Evans’ orbit) he is far from perfect, writing:

“I know there are some things that I have said out of pure ignorance on my part.”

You know what — not that it’s an excuse — but everybody’s learning all of the time.

“And if I have offended or hurt anyone out there, I am truly sorry and the door is always open to vent or even ask for advice.”


Once could cynically suggest that perhaps Nathan is simply hoping to make sure that he never becomes unfilmable, but his message is a positive one.

Nathan Griffith Tweet 03

“I have my own beliefs and my own opinions but to segregated, belittle, and to hate someone based on their opinions, lifestyle, religion, race, and/or sexual orientation is wrong. PERIOD!”

When he talks about segregation, he’s clearly talking about David Eason’s vow to teach his children to never associate with LGBT people.

He then goes on to lament that people are still having to preach basic equality in 2018.

“It’s 2018! As long as it doesn’t affect your life, then let it go. #lovem​orehateless”

That’s a very positive message.

Nathan Griffith does have a tendency to come across as the more reasonable of the two when he feuds with Jenelle.

(Admittedly, that’s not super hard to do — we’re talking about the Carolina Hurricane here)

We’re not going to endorse him for President any time soon, but it’s probably fair to say that Nathan said some good and fair things in these tweets.

And he didn’t actually mention David Eason by name — though, obviously, anyone who saw them knew what brought on his statements.

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