Jamie Lynn Spears Shows Off Precious Pic of Newborn Baby Ivey Joan

Back in April, Jamie Lynn Spears welcomed her new baby girl! The sweet little newborn’s name is Ivey Joan.

Now, Jamie Lynn has shared a photo from a family outing — including precious baby Ivey.

The best part is that everyone is dressed up in matching outfits! Take a look.

Do you follow sports much?

Jamie Lynn and her family sure do. More than that — Maddie plays.

The photo that you’re about to see isn’t the first time that we’ve seen them all dressed up in sports uniforms on a family outing.

But it is the first time that the adorable Ivey Joan has gotten to take part in that family tradition.

The results are absolutely adorable.

Jamie Lynn very succinctly captioned this photo:

“My #1’s.”

Pictured are her husband, Jamie Watson, her daughter, Maddie Aldridge, and her sweet little baby, Ivey Joan.

They’re all dressed up in team swag for a team called the Louisiana Swarms.

(Yes, the mascot for it looks intensely racist, but we’d rather take that up for whoever’s responsible for it than with the fans)

The family went to cheer on Maddie as she played baseball.

In this gif, made from a video that Jamie Lynn shared, Maddie successfully strikes the ball with the bat and then runs, as one is supposed to do in baseball.

Not only does she make it to first base but, as you can see, she goes to second base and then third base, capitalizing on the opposing team’s inability to halt her progress.

Though she plays it safe at the end rather than trying to run for home plate and complete the rhombus, that is a tremendous amount of progress to make so quickly.

Proud mom Jamie Lynn captioned the clip:

“Maddie turned her single into a triple by running hard on the other team’s error.”

This family deserves its happiness.

Back in February, Jamie Lynn marked the anniversary of her daughter’s seemingly miraculous recovery.

A year earlier, in February of 2017, Maddie was injured in an ATV accident.

The ATV flipped over, trapping her beneath it in a pond. Maddie was unable to breathe for an alarming amount of time.

But children are notably resilient to brain trauma that would prove fatal or life-altering to adults.

Maddie was able to spring back, even participating in Valentine’s Day with her classmates. It was adorable … and such a relief.

Everyone is so pleased that Maddie recovered and is such a success story.

(Here, for the record, Jamie Lynn is holding a friend’s newborn, born only six weeks after Ivey Joan)

Can we talk about Jamie Lynn’s post-baby body, by the way?

We know that she’s young and hot — her big sister is Britney Freaking Spears, after all.

But pregnancy can radically transform a person’s body in ways that can linger for months or years after childbirth.

As much as we are impressed by Maddie’s athleticism and as much as we adore Ivey Joan, we think that Jamie Lynn deserves kudos for bouncing back the way that she has.

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Britney Spears: My Wonderful Sons Are Bigger Than Me!!

Though some misguided individuals may think that Britney Spears is an awful mother, she’s actually one of the best celebrity parents out there. Yes, really.

She treasures her time with her sons, and she’s always happy to share that on social media.

Just take a look at how much they’ve grown already. She says that they’re already bigger than she is.

Britney Spears captions this photo of her with Jayden James, 11, and Sean Preston, 12.

“Love when we go to our favorite spot on Sundays.”

She doesn’t identify where that is, and that’s totally fine. She and especially her boys are entitled to their privacy.

She follows that with the two hearts emoji and another emoji that depicts a huge, inviting stack of pancakes.

She also heaps compliments onto her growing sons.

“The boys are bigger than me now!!!!!”


(Britney Spears is 5-foot-4, so that’s not a difficult achievement; if they are like most boys and end up taller than their father, they should both eventually be over 6 feet)

Britney loves spending quality time with her boys, and in recent weeks, she has been sharing more and more of this.

Though she shares them with ex Kevin Federline, she loves to show her mother-sons activities, including glimpses of the three of them painting serenely outdoors.

“Painting feels so therapeutic to me!”

Painting is about much more than creating art. It’s about honing skills. It’s about developing an appreciation for visual details and color theory. it’s about improving hand-eye coordination.

And yes, it can absolutely be therapeutic.

“Getting to do this with my boys on a beautiful day like this is such a blessing!!!”

Britney has worked hard for the blessings that she has in life. Good for her.

After sharing another recent adorable video from her home, Britney captioned:

“Nothing makes me happier as a mom than watching these boys grow and smile and laugh!!”

Britney is goodness incarnate.

“They are my world.”

Have you ever loved someone so much that you’ve hired a math tutor to teach you how to do math so that you can help that person?

Because that’s how much Britney loves her boys. She wants to help them with her homework.

“And I love days like this when we get to just run around and play together.”

Remember, Britney worked to get where she is today. That includes her Vegas residency. She deserves this time with her boys.

And they deserve this time with their mom.

Of course, these days, you can’t talk about Britney’s boys without talking about Kevin Federline’s demands for even more of Britney’s money.

He is asking for, and this really defies belief, $ 60,000 a month in child support.

Per month.

For two children.

Children whom he only sees about half of the time. Which means that he thinks that each child, if we’re doing our math correctly, costs $ 30,000 for 15 days.

Which is $ 2,000 a day.

While many believe that Kevin Federline is hoping to use this money for himself and for his multiple other children from previous relationships, many also question why he thinks that Britney should have to pay for any of that.

Britney has gone out of her way to make sure that she can be the best mother possible for her sons.

They really are the center of her universe, which is right where every parent’s child belongs.

She has gone above and beyond to make sure that she does not repeat her own parents’ mistakes in raising her.

There’s that old video of her asking one of her sons — when they were both younger — if he wants to leave a red carpet event, and he says yes, and she has one of her people walk off with him.

She then asks her other son, who is fine with staying, and he stays with her. She lets them be their own people, not just props for her brand.

So when we see photos and videos of Jayden and Sean, Britney is sharing them out of maternal pride.

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Wendy Williams to Britney Spears: You’re an Awful Mother!

Has Wendy Williams finally done it, folks?

Has she finally sunk to the lowest point to which a human being can sink?

This is a bold statement, we know.

It seems hard to fathom how Williams could sink any lower than the time she slammed the #MeToo movement.

Or the time she called Kylie Jenner’s baby ugly.

Or the time she called Oprah Winfrey fat.

But Williams sat down on her dumb purple chair on Thursday morning and hurled the most personal shade possible at Britney Spears in response to ex-husband Kevin Federline asking for more child support.

As detailed yesterday, Federline is already receiving $ 20,000 a month from Britney because he often cares for the former couple’s two sons.

But he doesn’t think this is enough.

Federline now wants $ 60,000 per month (yes, PER MONTH!) in child support because he says he’s less famous now than he was when the stars split and, therefore, in less demand as a DJ.

Britney is fighting this request because… what the heck, K. Fed? You can’t reasonably support two children on $ 244,000 per year? Which is designated solely for their well-being?!?)

(Yes, Federline has six kids total. But Spears, obviously, is only legally responsible for the two that came out of her womb.)

Most folks rolled their eyes upon reading Federline’s demand.

But Wendy Williams is not most people.

“Britney’s got deal after deal on the table and reportedly she’s making 33 million dollars a year and I’m not counting her money and I don’t want to count her money,” Williams said to open her critical statement today, addressing the singer and adding:

“Britney, not for nothing, but what kind of woman is not taking care of her own two kids as a full time mother, just asking?”

Ummm… many kinds of mothers who have gone through a divorce?

We can’t claim to know the details of Britney and Kevin’s custody agreement, and it’s no secret that Britney has battled a few personal demons in the past.

Her dad actually remains in charge of her money as her official conservator.

This arrangement has apparently been working well and, most importantly here, is no one’s business at all.


“Why is your father still in charge of all your money?” Williams asked in her segment. “Kevin’s in charge of your boys, your father is in charge of your money, what are you in charge of Britney, at 36 years old?”

Her mental health?

So she can be a strong mother to those boys, perhaps?

“I get it, she’s got her career and the whole bit, but you’re the one who laid down and had two kids, now take care of your kids,” Wendy actually added, in extreme and ridiculous judgment.

(Spears “laid down and had two kids?!?” What is there to even say about someone who talks about other people this way?)

“How about you fight for custody from Kevin?… Very disgusted,” continued Williams.

For the record, it’s not clear whether Federline really has full custody of Sean Preston, 12, and Jayden James, 11.

But even if he does…WHO CARES?!?

Plenty of dads have custody of their children and Federline is being very well compensated already in this deal.

Concluded Williams, sounding like a cruel moron as always:

“I like Britney Spears and I believe people can get better with the proper guidance and doctors and stuff, but that was Kevin Federline who stayed with you when you were attacking cars with umbrellas and shaving your head and going off the rails of life.

“I’m just telling Britney, you want to deny this man, just remember this is the same man who can write the book and tell the stories…

“He’s held your secrets, he’s the sole custody caretaker of your 11 and 12-year old.”

Yes. That’s it, Brit.

You should pay Federline in exchange for his silence, all these years later.

Wendy Williams continues to be the worst.

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Britney Spears and BF Sam Asghari Share a Kiss After L.A. Lunch Date

Sam Asghari Britney Spears kiss
Sam Asghari and Britney Spears kiss after a romantic lunch date at Mexican restaurant Sol Y Luna in Tarzana in Los Angeles, California on May 7, 2018. Coleman-Rayner

PDA alert! Britney Spears and and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, shared a kiss in Los Angeles earlier this week.

The couple were seen locking lips after a lunch date at Mexican restaurant Sol Y Luna Monday, May 7, in Tarzana.

Spears, 36, and Asghari, 24, started dating after the fitness model starred as the pop star’s love interest in the music video for “Slumber Party” in 2016. A source told Us Weekly in February that Spears is “very happy in her relationship.”

“She has a consistent routine and she’s doing what she does best,” the source explained. “Life is good for Britney.”

The insider added that the duo “spend a lot of time together … cooking, working out, going on vacation or just hanging out.”

This is not the first time that the “Make Me” crooner and personal trainer have put their love on display in the recent months. Spears shared a video of the pair showing off their strength and kissing between workouts.

“Stronger together,” Spears captioned the Instagram fitness clip May 3.

The “Piece of Me” singer shared another video of the couple in the gym on April 13. “some days you just got to dance! @samasghari,” she wrote.

Spears shares sons, Sean Preston, 12, and Jayden James, 11, with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, whom she was married to from 2004 to 2007. More recently, she was linked to talent agent Jason Trawick, law firm associate David Lucado and TV producer Charlie Ebersol.

The source told Us that Spears’ previous relationships ended because “Britney wouldn’t have gravitated toward them on her own.”

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