Porn Star Nikki Benz Sues Brazzers, Revealing Horrifying Details Of Alleged Assault & Torture!

In December 2016, adult film star Nikki Benz went public with allegations of assault against director/producer Tony T. on Twitter — saying she was choked and “stomped on.” Brazzers fired Tony T. shortly thereafter, but that clearly doesn’t undo the damage of hiring him in the first place. Now at last Nikki has officially filed(…)

Harvey Weinstein’s Former Assistant Sues Him for Sexual Misconduct

Harvey Weinstein’s former assistant, Sandeep Rehal, has filed a lawsuit against him The Weinstein Company and Bob Weinstein, for unspecified damages. Hollywood’s Sexual Misconduct Scandals Rehal, who worked for Weinstein, 65, in 2013, cited several allegations of sexual misconduct in her filing. Rehal claimed that the disgraced studio executive forced her to take dictation while(…)

McKayla Maroney Sues USA Gymnastics: They Forced Me to Stay Silent

In October, McKayla Maroney revealed that she’d been molested by her team doctor, Larry Nassar. That makes her one of more than 140 survivors who accuse him of the same thing. From the outset, it’s been strongly hinted that there were people who knew about Nassar’s sexual predation and kept quiet. Now, McKayla’s taking action against(…)