Transplant Surgeon Pleads Guilty To CARVING HIS INITIALS Into Patients’ Organs!

What in the health?

A top surgeon in the U.K. has pleaded guilty to two counts of assault after carving his initials into the livers of patients.

Simon Bramhall, a renowned transplant surgeon (that’s not him above, that’s Dr. Giggles), was suspended back in 2013 after a fellow doctor spotted “SB” on a patient’s liver. After an investigation, Dr. Bramhall eventually admitted to using an argon beam, a laser used to cauterize tiny bleeds, to burn the letters onto patients.

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The case is so strange, prosecutor Tony Badenoch called it “without legal precedent in criminal law.”

Whether Bramhall’s ability to practice will be removed based on the criminal conviction remains to be seen. A former patient named Tracy Scriven defended him to the Birmingham Mail in 2014, saying:

“Even if he did put his initials on a transplanted liver, is it really that bad? I wouldn’t have cared if he did it to me. The man saved my life.”

Crazy! How wold you feel if YOUR doctor branded you with a tiny little tattoo you couldn’t see??

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Kylie Jenner: Plastic Surgeon Says She Got Breast Implants!

In the past, Kylie Jenner has gotten attention for those two giant things attached to her face.

But now, she’s … well, she’s still known for two giant things, but these two things are a bit further down.

Her boobs. We’re talking about her boobs.

Specifically, we’re talking about her boobs and how absolutely, overwhelmingly large they’ve gotten recently.

Kylie’s always been a little curvy, or at least curvier than her big sister, Kendall.

Since she turned 18, she’s been sharing nearly-nude selfie after nearly-nude selfie, accompanied by an actual nude photo shoot here and there.

She’s given us a solid idea of what her boobs look like, but sometime in the past few months, things have changed.

Back in August, Kylie made a series of social media posts in which she was wearing an especially low-cut top. Not only did her breasts look bigger, but they were a different shape as well.

Many people took the time to point out the difference, but Kylie shrugged it off.

“TMI but it’s that time of the month lol,” she explained. “They will deflate soon. And it will be a sad sad day.”

Because we all know that periods are magic and completely transform your boobs for a few days each month, right, ladies?

Interestingly enough, Kylie was notably absent from social media just before debuting those giant period boobs. She claimed she had food poisoning.

And what a convenient cover for plastic surgery that would be.

But according to a plastic surgeon — not Kylie’s plastic surgeon, but an expert nonetheless — she did, in fact, go under the knife.

Dr. Andrea Giannitrapani, a surgeon who specializes in breasts, says that “There is a clear size increase to Kylie’s breasts looking at the side profile of these comparison pictures.”

So apparently Kylie’s profile is where you can see the major change in size?

We’d argue that you can see the change from any angle, including from outer space, but hey, we’re not the experts here.

“Although they are not out of proportion with her frame,” the good doctor continues, “they look as though the still need time to settle and could in fact still be swollen.”

“If she intended on keeping the procedure a secret, the surgeon will have gone for an implant size to suit her frame and for the result to look as natural as possible whilst still creating the volume increase she desired.”

Really, if she wanted to keep any plastic surgery a secret, she should have considered the fact that she can’t go a day without sharing a selfie and that such a big change would be obvious.

Honestly, if she wanted to keep it a secret she should have just been born into a different family.

But again, we’re not the experts here. So sure, hopefully if Kylie did get implants, she was sensible about them and everything will turn out right when she’s all healed up.

And if she didn’t get implants … well, that’s a hell of a period, huh?

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Kim Kardashian: Visited Plastic Surgeon 7 Times in 5 Weeks??

Whatcha nippin’ and tuckin’ now, Kimmy?

We don’t know, but it sounds good. The selfie queen has reportedly been spotted at the plastic surgeon’s office a total of seven times in the past five weeks, according to Radar Online.

Of course, this is also the outlet that claimed Kim had some teeth removed to make her face appear slimmer, so IDK.

Here’s the breakdown the site gives of Kim K. sightings at Epione, a plastic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills:

  1. March 24 – dressed in black with a Yeezy baseball cap
  2. March 18 – seen with a friend, supposedly to get stretch marks lasered off plus other “nips and tucks” to restore her pre-baby bod
  3. March 17 – sporting an oversized jacket with her face plastered on it and the words “CHILL” down the sleeve
  4. March 10 – wielding an orange bag with BFF Jonathan Cheban and his girlfriend
  5. March 1 – in head-to-toe black workout garb and Yeezy sneaks
  6. Feb 20 – wearing boxer braids and an all-black ensemble
  7. Feb 17 – in a black sweatshirt and black leggings

Well, looks like she was there, but exactly what was happening behind that door is anyone’s guess, and we just happen to have two!

Guess #1: Fixing her ruptured butt implants 

Yesterday, the National Enquirer reported that Kim’s butt bags exploded last month, causing the “goop” to spill into her hips and necessitating special emergency repairs. 

But, ya know, it’s the Enquirer we’re talking about here, so all bets are off. It made us chuckle, though.

Guess #2: Lasering her lady parts

Also yesterday, a possibly tipsy Khloe Kardashian revealed that her sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian can’t stop blathering on about this vaginal laser technique that’s supposed to tighten up your junk after childbirth.

Yeah, she really said that.

This is the kind of thing I just might kill my sister over, but hey, it’s Khloe, and she likes to gab.

Okay, we have one more guess – and that’s anything and everything. We wouldn’t be surprised if Kim sampled a little bit of it all, because she’s Kim.

Her appearance is everything to her, and she’s been whining to the high heavens about her struggle to lose weight after giving birth in December.

If she’s feeling this insecure about losing the one thing she’s famous for, we wouldn’t put it past her to pull out all the stops.

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