Super Lucky’s Tale Review

Though it shares a protagonist, art style, and platforming mechanics with 2016’s Lucky’s Tale on Oculus Rift, Super Lucky’s Tale is distinct from its predecessor–at least at first. It features an entirely new set of levels and a greater focus on collectibles, but it’s still a paint-by-numbers 3D platformer that lacks depth and falls short(…)

J.K. Rowling Reveals She Wrote a Secret Fairy Tale Manuscript on Her Birthday Party Dress

She's full of secrets! J.K. Rowling revealed in a new interview that she wrote a fairy tale manuscript last year — and scrawled it across her 50th birthday party dress. "The theme of my 50th birthday — which I held at Halloween, even though that's not really my birthday — was come as your own(…)

Watch J.K. Rowling Explain the Time She Wrote a Secret Fairy Tale on Her Party Dress

In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Harry Potter author J.K.Rowling revealed that she wrote a manuscript for a new fairy tale and while she decides whether or not to publish it, she’ll keep it hanging in her closet. Why her closet? Because she scribbled the story across a dress. “On my 50th, the theme(…)

Interview With The Vampire Is Getting A Reboot! VOTE On Whether YOU Want To See Another Take On The Tale!

We heard rumblings of an Interview With The Vampire reboot back in 2014, but after several months with nary a peep it seemed the project was dead. But we should have known it’s tougher to kill a vampire than that! Photo: The Power Rangers‘ New Suits Look Seriously Hardcore In yet another round of Universal(…)

So Scary! Rebel Wilson Believes Her Drink Was Drugged! Read Her Terrifying Tale HERE!

That’s NOT good. On Thursday, Rebel Wilson shared a scary story with the Twitterverse. The blonde beauty revealed that, while she was enjoying a night out on the town on Wednesday, she believes someone slipped a drug into her drink! Oh no! Related: Rebel Calls Out A Journalist For Harassing Her Grandmother! She wrote: Hey(…)

Johnny Manziel: Former Girlfriend Recounts Horrific Tale of Abuse in Court Documents

According to court documents released today, a recent altercation between Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and his former girlfriend Colleen E. Crowley was much more horrifying than initially thought. Last week, Manziel denied assaulting Crowley and threatening to kill himself in an incident on January 30, during which cops arrived at Manziel’s hotel room after receiving a phone call from a(…)

Mariah Carey Already Planning Her ‘Princess Fairy Tale’ Wedding To James Packer?? Get The Deets On Her Dream Dress & MORE!

Mariah Carey is going to be getting the fairy tale wedding she’s always dreamed of! Well, that is, since her last extravagant nuptials to Nick Cannon. The pop diva hasn’t even been engaged a week to her fiancé, James Packer, but she’s already getting a head start on her perfect ceremony. Related: Get To Know(…)