Dwayne Johnson Feeds His Girlfriend While She Breastfeeds Their Baby

In April, Lauren Hashian gave birth to Dwayne Johnson’s third daughter.

Now that little “pebble,” Tiana Gia, is nearly two months old. Johnson shared a photo of Hashian breastfeeding the precious baby.

But it’s what Johnson himself is doing in the photo that is really getting attention.

Johnson captions the photo that you’re about to see with: “I’ll handle this business.”

The image depicts him feeding his girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, while she cradles their two-month-old daughter, Tiana Gia, breastfeeding her.

“Mama @laurenhashianofficial has her hands full nursing/feeding Baby Tia,” Johnson explains. “So I’m feedin’ mama her dinner.”

He continues, stating that to do so is: “my pleasure.”

Johnson says that he has “so much respect to her and all mamas out there holding it down and running things.”

“Just landed,” he says, adding: “And good to get all my girl’s settled in.”

Awwww! This is such a wholesome family photo.

Johnson’s captions aren’t done.

Now, I gotta go satisfy my own appetite,” he announces. “Iron Paradise, here I come.”

He tags: “#EveryoneGetsFed” 

Apolgetically, he adds: “#DaddysGottaGoToWork”

#ChivalryIsToughOnTheKnees,” he admits.

While some might argue that what he was doing deserves a better label than chivalrous, knees grow much less tolerating over time.

This was a cute family photo.

The post received over 5 million likes in the first 24 hours alone.

But why, you wonder, are so many people talking about it? 

One might be tempted to say that this is because Hashian is breastfeeding their daughter, but she’s covered and angled in such a way that no part of her breast is exposed.

(Which is fine — women’s liberation is about showing or concealing as much as you like, not about just shedding clothing no matter your comfort level)

No, what makes this picture so beautiful has less to do with the breastfeeding and more to do with Johnson’s actions.

Even with his busy schedule, he continues to play an active role in his family.

He can’t nurse Tiana himself, but he can certainly be involved. And that’s beautiful.

Last month, Dwayne Johnson penned a beautiful Mother’s Day tribute to Lauren Hashian.

In it, he praised her virtues as a mother, but also as a human being.

She takes on tremendous responsibilities when it comes to his life and the life of their family, from working out the logistics of uprooting their lives to travel with him while he films to taking on added parenting duties to compensate for his work schedule.

He has also praised each of his daughters, lauding them as “strong women” from the moments of their respective births.

Johnson is the sort of high-energy man who cannot contain his excitement about the women he lives — and he would never try to hide that.

Johnson has a tendency to be straightforward with his fans.

Earlier this year, he revealed his depression battle and even his mother’s suicide attempt.

Of course, he has also shared — or potentially overshared — about much lighter subjects.

When DJ Khaled shared that he is what some would call a pillow princess, he got roasted by everyone. Johnson was loud and proud about how enthusiastic he is about performing oral sex.

You know what? We think that by modeling good behavior for his fans and followers, he’s making the world a better place.

Also, he’s just a great dude.

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Anthony Bourdain’s Ex-Wife Breaks Silence With New Photo Of Their ‘Brave’ Daughter

Anthony Bourdain touched many lives through his books and TV shows, but maybe none more than his ex-wife Ottavia Busia.

The couple, who were married from 2007 to 2016, shared one daughter, 11-year-old Ariane Bourdain.

It was through her that Ottavia finally broke her silence and spoke directly to the late chef.

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She posted to a photo to Instagram of “strong and brave” Ariane performing with her band just two days after her father’s death, writing her own personal message:

“I hope you are having a good trip, wherever you are.”

See the photo and the entire bittersweet caption (below):

Our little girl had her concert today. She was amazing. So strong and brave. She wore the boots you bought her. I hope you are having a good trip, wherever you are.A post shared by ottavia busia-bourdain (@ottaviabourdain) on Jun 10, 2018 at 9:40pm PDT

[Image via PNP/WENN.]


Joseph Duggar: Did He Impregnate Kendra Caldwell BEFORE Their Wedding?!

On Sunday, Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar welcomed their first child.

It was a joyous occasion, of course, but based on some fan reactions to the announcement, the Duggars may be experiencing an unwelcome case of deja vu.

Back in August of 2017, Joy-Anna Duggar announced that she was pregnant with her first child just three months after she married Austin Forsyth.

Fans believed she looked like she was further along in photos, and it wasn’t long before “shotgun wedding” rumors were everywhere on social media.

The family managed to avoid commenting on those reports, but now it seems they may be in for a second round of uncomfortable questions.

The Duggars announced the news that Kendra had given birth with an ecstatic Facebook post.

“No matter how many times we’ve experienced the joy of babies born in our families, there’s nothing comparable to the joy in our hearts today!” they wrote.

“Children truly are a gift from God. We are so thankful for his safe arrival and this new journey as parents.”

Most of the comments from fans were congratulatory, but as In Touch Weekly points out, a few followers pointed out something that they found rather suspect.

“Baby was born exactly [nine] months from their wedding date. Kinda suspicious,” one fan tweeted.

“All the grandchildren (the first ones of each couple at least) minus Jinger’s child are wedding night babies,” another remarked.

Jinger famously waited more than a year to get pregnant after marrying Jeremy Vuolo, an extremely uncommon practice in the Duggars’ community.

Obviously, it’s impossible to know exactly when the other Duggar couples conceived, but they all started families very soon after marrying.

Joseph and Kendra married back in September of 2017 following a very brief courtship.

The family announced that Kendra was pregnant less than three months later.

Anyone who’s familiar with the Duggar courtship rules knows that couples aren’t even allowed to kiss before marriage, much less engage in actual intercourse.

And it’s for that reason that these situations are regarded with such suspicion.

It’s not uncommon for the Duggars to abruptly change the date of a wedding, a practice that they claim is an effort to protect their privacy, but which fans believe is the result of premarital pregnancies.

Whatever the case, the fact remains that the majority of Duggars get right to the business of making a family after they say “I do.”

Of course, we suppose that’s not terribly surprising.

For one thing, the Duggars are forbidden to engage in premarital sex, and they’re not permitted to use birth control.

Add to that the fact that women are taught from an early age that procreation is pretty much their sole reason for being, and it’s not hard to see why Duggar babies tend to arrive about nine months after their parents get hitched.

As for whether or not said parents tend to jump the gun a bit … well, it’s hard to say.

The Duggars will never admit to a premarital pregnancy and for a family who’s famous for putting their lives on TV, they do an impressive job of guarding their privacy.

Watch Counting On online to remind yourself of just how strictly and creepily Jim Bob and Michelle govern their kids’ sex lives.

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Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson GUSH Over Each Other On Instagram — Read Their Comments!

Pete Davidson knows he’s lucky to have Ariana Grande in his arms!

The Saturday Night Live regular wrote a cutesy message on the singer’s Instagram this week, joking that he’s still not quite sure how he won Ari’s affections.

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Commenting on a photo from her upcoming feature in British Vogue, the 24-year-old comedian wrote:

“Ummmmmm hiiiiiiiiii. I’m the luckiest contest winner ever.”

Ari responded like a giddy teenager, writing:

“sksjsjsjjajsjaa nahhhh I am.”

OMG, too cute! No, really — tone it down, you two…

[Image via Instagram.]


Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Daughters WON’T Inherit Their Royal Title!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be proud feminists, but the rest of the monarchy still has some catching up to do!

It turns out the brand new titles Meghan Markle and Prince Harry received from the Queen on their wedding day can only be passed on to a future son.

Video: Meghan & Harry’s Surprising Honeymoon!

This means any daughters they might have will not inherit the Dukedom, and the title will die out completely if Harry and Meghan only have girls.

Of course, changes have been made before regarding male and female heirs. When Kate Middleton was pregnant with Prince George in 2013, the Succession to the Crown Act was passed, allowing Princess Charlotte to retain her place in the line of succession despite the birth of her younger brother Prince Louis.

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But the peerage is a much more complex boys club than the royal family — one that activist groups like The Daughters’ Rights organization has been campaigning to change for years.

When the 10th Baron Baybrooke died last year with no male heir, none of his eight daughters could inherit the title, or the 6,000-acre Audley Estate in Essex. It ended up going to a distant male cousin!

We hope Meghan personally plans on rocking the boat since her own future daughters will affected by this archaic legislation.

If only she knew some hot TV lawyers who could come up with a good legal argument…

[Image via Dutch Press Photo/WENN.]


Kat Von D and Leafar Seyer Celebrate Their Marriage at Wedding Party

It’s never too late to celebrate! Though Kat Von D and Leafar Seyer officially tied the knot in February, the happy couple opted for a later celebration with friends and family.

Celebrity Weddings of 2018

The 36-year-old makeup mogul and the 42-year-old singer hosted an extravagant red-themed wedding party on Saturday, June 2, to honor their courtship — and have a little fun!

Seyer posted a stunning photo on Instagram of Von D wearing an all-red gown and veil by designer Adolfo Sanchez along with a horned headpiece before the celebration, writing, “In a couple hours I’ll be walking down the aisle with the love of my life @thekatvond ENVIDA Y EN MUERTE.”

The tattoo artist also shared a photo on Friday, June 1, showing her holding three red carnations and wrote, “Such a beautifully emotional day today. Tomorrow, @prayers and I will have our wedding ceremony for our close friends + family. This has been the sweetest, most stress-free experience where we continuosly fell in love with each other all over again with each day counting down. This is a photo of 3 carnations that our dear friends @majestyblack brought us tonight after our rehearsal and soundcheck. Red carnations are @prayers favourite flower, and the 3 represent him, me, and our sweet baby boy we are adding to our family. All I can say right now is that i am so grateful for my dear friends, and for my sweet husband. ❤ Lastly, thank you all for all the love and for understanding that starting tomorrow we will most likely be stepping away from our phones for a while to be as present as possible on such a beautiful day. X”

Unlikely Celebrity Couples

Prior to their big day, the couple — who are expecting their first child together later this year — cherished the moments leading up to their celebration.

“TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL OUR WEDDING. @prayers,” Von D captioned a sweet Instagram pic of the couple. She also added “load- in for the wedding begins …” alongside a pic of decorations to her Story at the time.

The LA Ink alum revealed their marriage in a social media post in February, just one week after the pair announced their engagement.

Kat Von D and Leafar Seyer
Kat Von D and Leafar Seyer Desiree Stone/Getty Images

“Today, I married my soul’s mate, my mind’s twin, my best friend,” she captioned a photo holding her groom’s hand, which showed off their silver wedding bands and matching black nail polish.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement for one year, Von D revealed their pregnancy news in an Instagram post in May. “It’s a boy,” she wrote alongside a photo of herself and the “Prayers” singer where she can be seen cradling her baby bump in a button-down dress.

Cutest Celebrity Baby Announcements

Von D and Seyer sparked dating rumors in December 2015 when they first began posting pictures of one another on social media. Since then, the duo hasn’t been shy to share intimate moments from their relationship together.

Prior to her marriage to Seyer, the tattoo artist was married to Oliver Peck from 2003 to 2007. She also had high-profile engagements to Jesse James in 2011 and DJ Deadmau5 from 2012 to 2013. She was briefly linked to actor Steve-O from 2015 to 2016.

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