Farrah Abraham: STILL In Jail After Telling Cops to Go F–k Themselves!

Oh, Farrah.

When you got fired from Teen Mom OG for generally being an awful person, we thought your days of entertaining/depressing us with your bonkers bad behavior had come to an end.

In retrospect, we should’ve known a day like today was coming.

Farrah Abraham Red Hair

In case you missed it, Farrah was arrested on charges of battery and trespassing last night after allegedly assaulting a male staff member at the famed Beverly Hills Hotel.

According to the police report, she was booked at 1:48 AM.

As of right now, she’s still being held on $ 500 bail.

We still don’t know what set Farrah off (although we do know that booze was involved), but TMZ has obtained video of Farrah’s arrest, and as you may have guessed — it ain’t pretty.

At one point, one of the arresting officers begins searching Farrah’s purse, and the former reality star demonstrates that even in her state of inebriation, she’s well aware of the reality of her situation:

“Do you want to do that on camera so that everyone at TMZ can see?” Farrah asks.

Farrah Abraham, See-Through Lingerie Picnic

Further proving that her diva-like attitude remains intact, Farrah tells one of the officers, “I don’t want to be arrested.”

She then repeats the phrase “I am not going to be provoked to be arrested” several times.

Then things really take a turn for the worse, as Abraham screams, “I am not resisting you!” before breaking down in tears (a classic Farrah tactic) and accusing one of the officers of hurting her.

A spokesperson for Farrah issued a statement today in which she thanked fans for their “concern” and urged them to “remember there are two sides to every story.”

Meanwhile, police have issued their own statement, in which they state the painfully obvious and confirm that Farrah has hammered at the time of her arrest.

Farrah Abraham and Mark Cuban

“Officers noted that Abraham exhibited signs of intoxication during the investigation,” stated Lieutenant Elisabeth Albanese with the Beverly Hills Police Department this afternoon.

It may be hard to believe, given her many years of batsh-t behavior, but this is only Farrah’s second arrest.

The first took place in 2013, when she was hauled in on DUI charges.

Back then, she pled guilty and was sentenced to six months probation.

This time, Farrah might find herself facing a stiffer penalty.

For one thing, she’s no longer a first offender.

On top of that, there’s a legal precedent in this case, as it was just last year that Farrah’s fellow reality star Kim Richards was arrested for a drunken assault at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Farrah Abraham on the Red Carpet

Richards very narrowly avoided jail time, but even if Farrah proves equally lucky, she’s got another problem on her hands:

Sources have indicated that Farrah’s 9-year-old daughter Sophia was with her in the hotel on the night of the incident.

Sophia is currently in the care of a nanny, but Farrah might soon be facing a custody challenge from her mother, Debra Danielsen:

“She needs to be with her family, not about strangers and volatility and her mother being arrested,” Danielsen told Radar when asked about Sophia.

“It’s very disgusting. She needs to go to school… She needs to not be dragged on a party all over the world.”

We’ll have further updates on this developing situation as more information becomes available.

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Thinking for themselves

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Brooke Hogan Talks Body Shaming & Impossible Beauty Standards: ‘Kids Are Literally Killing Themselves’

When we talk about body shaming, we don’t often think of being tall and muscular as a vulnerability attacked by bullies.

But the sad truth is anything that doesn’t fit into the narrowest of beauty standards is derided by jerks — something of which Brooke Hogan is all too aware.

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The reality star and daughter of Hulk Hogan tells People Now she has been body shamed her whole life for her inherited frame:

“Being Hulk Hogan’s daughter, you definitely don’t come out 110 lbs. and petite. It’s always been that I’m muscular, I’m 5’10”. I’ve gotten, ‘Her jaw could crush rocks,’ and ‘She’s so tall she looks like a tranny.'”

Ugh. Transphobia and body shaming in one — someone deserves an a-hole PLUS.

But getting through that is what inspired her on her new Amazon show, The Fashion Hero, which takes regular Joes off the street and lets them compete as models with top designers. She says:

“I’ve been called everything, so I personally connected to this mission, and I just think it’s so cool that we can start changing how people define beauty. Because kids are literally killing themselves, or developing eating disorders, trying to fit into a box. We’re not all mannequins. There’s no possible way that we could live up to that standard. So it was like a passion project for me.”

See Brooke’s candor on the crap she’s dealt with — and the good that’s come out of it (below)!

Oh, and here’s the trailer for The Fashion Hero, which is available on Amazon Prime now!

[Image via WENN.]


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You should not cheat on your significant other.

However, IF you're going to cheat on your significant other, you should heed the lessons learned (the hard way) by the following men and women, each of whom made the mistake of outing their own indiscretions via text message.

Talk about awkward!

See what we mean down below…

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3. Damn Autocorrect?

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Did i say boyfriend
I meant best friend, who is definitely of the same gender.

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Washington D.C. & LAPD Are Bracing Themselves For Potentially Historic Crowds Of Protesters Amid Donald Trump’s Inauguration!

We all knew it was coming!

Just because Donald Trump is being sworn in as our next President in a few days, doesn’t mean everyone’s just going to sit down and take it!

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While you SURELY know all about the Trumpster’s trouble landing an A-list performer for his inauguration, TONS of people are also banding together to protest the p*ssy grabbing troll! YAAAS!

According to NBC, the National Park Service has dolled out 22 permits for freedom of speech events taking place over inauguration week on land belonging to the park service. This includes the National Mall and the White House.

They also report that each protest will range from 50 to 200,000 people. WOOF!

Not too surprisingly, the potentially largest protest is the Women’s March on Washington which is the event that acquired a permit for 200,000 people. Not only will thousands of protesters march the nation’s capital on January 21, but Inaugural Historian Jim Bendat said:

“It’s quite noteworthy. If they get those kinds of numbers, it will far exceed any previous inaugural protest.”

We’d be fine with Donald’s inauguration being the MOST protested one EVER!

On top of that, Washington’s Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management have been prepping for the protests as they expect about expect 800,000 – 900,000 people to attend the actual event. That’s FAR fewer than the 1.8 million who attended Barack Obama‘s inauguration in 2009!

But D.C. isn’t the ONLY place protests are happening as TMZ learned LAPD will be out in full force on Friday to handle any crowds that get out of control protesting Donald!

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Not only will police have riot gear ready to go, but the site learned officers won’t put up with a whole lot and will arrest anyone blocking traffic, freeways, or vandalizing anything!

Cops will also pay attention to social media and a couple popular spots protesters could gather like the Federal Building in Westwood, and the Hollywood and Highland intersection.

Ben Becker, an activist who is helping organize two protests being held by the ANSWER Coalition, explained to NBC why he’s not surprised by people’s reaction in wanting to protest:

“Trump has triggered a wave of protest and outrage across the country. His election has itself become a point of protest for women, Muslim communities, for immigrants, for people who care about education, social security, Medicare — the list is almost limitless in terms of the people who feel threatened by what a Trump presidency would mean.”

We hear that! We LOVE the idea of more and more protests popping up and we can’t wait to see what comes from all of it!

If you want to see a list of rallies and protests going across the country ch-ch-check out The Wrap‘s listing HERE. OR, if you’re in the El Lay area, make sure you check out the Women’s March LA HERE!

[Image via TNYF/WENN.]


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People can be so mean sometimes.

Especially on Twitter. Especially when talking about celebrities.

Over the years, Jimmy Kimmel has convinced numerous stars from a variety of industries to appear on his talk show and read mean Tweets about themselves.

As you can see below, no celebrity has been off limits. As you can also see below, the result shave been hilarious:

1. Oh Yeah, Donald?!?

Barack obama reads donald trump tweet
Barack Obama reads a mean Tweet here on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And, hey, look who wrote it!

2. Suck It, Dwayne Johnson?!?

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Who tells Dwayne Johnson to go suck it? Who doesn’t totally love Dwayne Johnson?!?

3. The Next Caitlyn Jenner?

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No, Bette Midler does not really have a penis. But she’s not offended if you believe she does.

4. Sad Liam Neeson

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5. Jeff Bridges is a Hobo!

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11 Stars Who Have Snagged Themselves a Billionaire

A million dollars may be cool.

But you know what Sean Parker said in The Social Network, right?

Do you know what's even cooler? A BILLION dollars.

The following famous men and women know what we mean, as each has snagged herself an extremely rich significant other…

1. Miranda Kerr

Miranda kerr
The model got engaged to Evan Spiegel in July of 2016. He founded Snapchat. So… yeah. The guy is doing pretty well for himself. He has been named one of Forbes’ youngest billionaires on the planet.

2. Janet Jackson

Janet jackson
In 2012, the singer married Wissam Al Mana. He runs his family’s billion-dollar retail company in the Middle East.

3. Salma Hayek

Salma hayek
Hayek exchanged vows with François-Henri Pinault in 2009. He’s the CEO of Kering, the director of Financière Pinault and the president of Groupe Artémis’ executive board. Dude is swimming in cash!

4. Mariah Carey

Mariah carey
We don’t want to jinx it. But the singer is engaged to James Packer, a billionaire businessman from Australia.

5. Elle Macpherson

Elle macpherson
The model and Jeffrey Soffer got married in 2013. He has made a ton as a real estate developer and hotel heir in Miami.

6. Eve

The female rapper got hitched to Maximillion Cooper in 2014. He has an amazing name is also an entrepreneur, skateboarder and race car driver.

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