Is Savannah Chrisley Throwing Shade at Bella Thorne Over Chandler Parsons?

What exactly is going on here? Fans think Savannah Chrisley may have thrown shade at Bella Thorne over NBA player Chandler Parsons on Tuesday, February 28, in several snarky tweets. But the confusing are-they-aren’t-they saga began a few days prior. Last week, the 19-year-old Chrisley This article originally appeared on Is Savannah Chrisley Throwing(…)

New Details About Carrie Fisher’s Heart Attack Reveal The Actress Was ‘Throwing Up & Saying She Couldn’t Breathe’

Poor Carrie Fisher. As we previously reported, the Star Wars icon suffered a serious heart attack on Friday in the middle of a flight. And now, we’re learning a little bit more about those terrifying moments onboard that plane. A source told Entertainment Tonight the 60-year-old “started throwing up and saying she couldn’t breathe” as(…)

Man Arrested For Throwing A Python At Customers In A Sushi Restaurant — Get The Bizarre Details!

Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes? Restaurants don’t generally allow you to bring your pets in, especially when they’re GIANT pythons! Regardless of the rules though, one man was arrested on Sunday after he allegedly made threats to customers at a sushi restaurant while throwing a 13-foot python snake into the establishment! Related: SeaWorld(…)