Tough choice for foreign investors after Indian bourses rein in trading abroad

MUMBAI/SINGAPORE (Reuters) – A move by Indian exchanges to stop licensing its products and data to bourses abroad will likely force foreign investors into a tough option: migrate their trading onshore to India, with its uncertain regulatory environment and higher taxes, or give up their exposure to a hot emerging market. Reuters: Money News

Pink Is Battling The Flu, And Reportedly ‘Had A Really Tough Time’ Making It Through Pre-Super Bowl Rehearsal

Oh no!!! Pink is all set to sing the National Anthem tomorrow right before Super Bowl LII kicks off in Minneapolis, but she’s in the midst of battling a particularly vicious flu bug, and she’s having serious trouble singing and beating back the sickness this weekend!! Related: Pink Landed On This Week’s Worst-Dressed List… According(…)

(NO SPOILERS!) Carrie Fisher’s Family Had A Tough Time With One Star Wars: The Last Jedi Scene…

NO SPOILERS, WE PROMISE! All we will say is, there are scenes in Star Wars: The Last Jedi where Princess Leia’s life is in jeopardy. (And if you consider that a spoiler, we imagine you haven’t seen any of these films!) Sadly, the world lost Carrie Fisher in between the end of principal photography and(…)

While Trump talks tough on Assad, others are already taking his regime to court – Washington Post

Washington Post While Trump talks tough on Assad, others are already taking his regime to courtWashington PostWant smart analysis of the most important news in your inbox every weekday along with other global reads, interesting ideas and opinions to know? Sign up for the Today's WorldView newsletter. At a sun-dappled briefing in the Rose Garden,(…)