Smallville Actress Turned Alleged Sex Cult Henchman Allison Mack Apparently Married THIS Battlestar Galactica Alum Prior To Arrest!

The details surrounding Allison Mack‘s life just get odder and odder.

As you surely know, the Smallville actress has been at the center of several negative headlines, as she was recently arrested for her part in the operation of alleged sex cult Nxivm. No, really.

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In April, the industry vet was booked on charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit forced labor. She was released on a $ 5 million bail bond and sentenced to house arrest.

However, prior to her controversy, Miz Mack wed Battlestar Galactica alum Nicki Clyne. According to reports, Allison and Nicki wed in February of 2017 and lived together in New York. Talk about an under the radar wedding!

We find this update totally crazzzzy, as Allison has been accused of luring women into Nxivm, where they in turn were treated like “slaves” for cult leader Keith Rainere‘s organization.

Thus, this union raises so many questions!! What exactly did Nicki know about Allison’s alleged partnership with Rainere?? Is she also in Nxivm? What was the dynamic like in their romance? Were they even romantically involved or was this a legal move??

Like we said, we have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Although Mack appears in several photos on Nicki’s Instagram, she last appeared in one from January of this year.

i believe the correct hashtag here is #squad. did i do that right?A post shared by nicki clyne (@nickiclyne) on Jan 17, 2018 at 7:38am PST

Huh. We wonder if Nicki’s aware her wife faces a minimum of 15 years in prison if convicted.

For better or for worse, right???

[Image via Instagram.]


Attack Of The Earthlings Review: The Tables Have Turned

The premise of Attack of the Earthlings is the flip of a well-worn trope: Instead of being faced with an impending alien invasion, humans are the intergalactic terror. And (even worse, depending on your own views) the invading terrans are hopelessly incompetent capitalists, who are out to make a quick buck. As the matriarch of a race of insect-like extraterrestrials, your only goal is to wipe out the humans and stop them from plundering your home to fill up their coffers.

Structurally, Attack of the Earthlings takes nods from the likes of XCOM and other turn-based tactical games. Instead of starting with a squad, though, you’re generally alone. As you consume the bodies of your enemies (an essential part of hiding corpses, of course), you can spit out smaller, weaker creatures. Play revolves around your carapaced corps and guiding the spawnlings through each level. And, as a system for expanding play and tactical options, it works well. As you go, you’ll unlock new abilities to torment the colonizers as well as more varied drone types that require careful coordination. In effect, this turns Attack of the Earthlings into a satisfying, single-player team-based stealth game.

Most maps revolve around a simple form of this dynamic. You–the misunderstood, scary alien hellbeast–are understandably terrifying to the weak, squishy humans, but they have guns that punch plenty of holes in your otherwise sturdy exoskeleton. You both kill (and can be killed) with little effort, meaning that you’ll need to carefully measure your approach to battle.

The high lethality leads to a few exciting moments, but more often than not, those moments are defused by the tract of humor that runs throughout. After the first few missions, though, that’s not much of a problem; once you regularly have drones to control, it becomes a lot clearer that Attack of the Earthlings is plenty content with letting you be an ’80s horror flick villain. This goes double because, again, you are the hulking leader of your species. With your massive claws, the ability to eat whole people, and a legion of spawned followers, it quickly becomes clear that the Earthlings have no chance. You’re here for the ride… and to see what kind of gory trail you can leave behind.

Where this really fits into that classic screamer vibe is how you’ll need to make your approach. You can’t fit into vents, nor is it easy for you to hide. Mission pacing varies, then, based on proximal goals. Inch the queen forward, kill a few dudes, create spawn, explore more of the area, and then bring your spawn slowly back to you as you complete objectives and unlock the exit. It can get a little monotonous, but the feeling of domination that you get from leading lots of little critters through the nooks and crannies of an interstellar planetary drill meshes perfectly with the tongue-in-cheek tone of the writing.

Attack of the Earthlings takes a different, absurd tack, dropping the severe consequences of mission failure and the emergent narrative for what is essentially a sketch comedy in space.

The connective tissue and guiding mission centers on a drill that the humans have brought to your stellar doorstep. Progress starts with infiltrating the drill and climbing upward, moving away from the blue-collar employees that maintain the drill bit and toward the posh execs at the top. Not too far-flung from the tongue-in-cheek brand of humor of Futurama or The IT Crowd, the most common thread in Attack of the Earthlings’ writing is the silly, incompetent nature of your would-be invaders. They are threatening, yes–but not fundamentally so.

Your first victim, a lowly guard pausing for a pee break mid-patrol, sets the tone well. You are the horrific, unholy monster from the nightmares of these poor folks; at the same time, they are so hopeless and ignorant of the threat you pose that jumping a dude as he’s taking a whiz (so that you can spawn more of your demonic children) doesn’t ever come off as mean-spirited. They are hapless victims–stooges who get a little bit of humanity before they are playfully yanked offscreen, leaving a bloody mess behind.

Individually, the humans aren’t concerning; they aren’t even really a threat, unless they have weapons. Instead, the fear they instill comes from their ability to cooperate against you–clumsy and silly though they are. Countering that, much of the game has you pulling off simultaneous kills with one or more of your minions (and you) at the same time. This helps even the field–particularly down the line, when you can bring one of three specialized drones into combat.

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Each specialization is an insectoid riff on the standard trinity of character classes: warrior, mage, and rogue. Goliaths are beefy brawlers, stalkers are sneaky trap-masters, and disruptors help to control foes–opening them up to attack or allowing you to slip by. The drones themselves aren’t complex or novel, but playing their strengths off of each other and using their skills to complement your abilities is a joy, especially if you can conduct them in one massive assault. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of these orchestrations to make them consistently engaging.

Attack of the Earthlings is short-lived, and the levels don’t showcase its strengths as well as they could. Much of that comes from each area’s heavily scripted nature; the game has a story to tell, and you can’t do much to muddle with the plan. Because of that, the game doesn’t feel like an organic stealth adventure. Enemies move in rote patterns, with little in the way of surprises to shake up play. This is especially true when it comes to cross-level play: Where XCOM and its contemporaries bill themselves on persistent consequences for mission choices, Attack of the Earthlings takes a different, absurd tack, dropping the severe consequences of mission failure and the emergent narrative for what is essentially a sketch comedy in space. Despite that, the game is often funny enough to warrant a rather broad recommendation.

As long as you aren’t thirsty for a deep tactical foray into the great unknown, Attack of the Earthlings is a competent (and occasionally great) jab at the corporate world, and the ludicrous lengths that people will go to in order to make a buck.

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99-year-old’s RV had headlights turned off in crash that killed 2 teens, report says

A 99-year-old man who investigators say killed two teenagers this week by driving his RV on the wrong side of a Florida highway—reportedly with its headlights off– was cleared to drive in Michigan last month after he passed vision, paper and road tests and got the approval of two medical professionals, a state spokesman said Friday.
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Lyricist Aysel Gürel Would Have Turned 89 Today. Here’s What You Should Know About Turkey’s Wild Child

She was the poet behind the chanteuse, but just because she didn’t perform her pop songs doesn’t mean she was any less of a star. Today, on what would have been Aysel Gürel’s 89th birthday, Google is celebrating the fuchsia-haired lyricist with a doodle.

Gürel was born on Feb. 7, 1929, in Sarayköy, Turkey, a small inland town that was also the birthplace of the “Queen of Turkish Pop,” Sezen Aksu, who popularized many of Gürel’s ballads.

Gürel penned dozens of songs, mostly about love found and lost. From the 1970s through the 2000s Gürel’s discography reigned. Like a Sia for Turkey, she wrote for all the A-listers, including Nilüfer, Tarkan, and Sertab Erener, and her songs were very much in demand. They continue to be popular today, with new renditions still being produced.

When not composing for the divas, Gürel was never far from the limelight herself. She dabbled in acting, appearing in a Turkish commercial for Pepsi, playing Juliet in a performance of “Romeo and Juliet” and snagging bit parts in movies. She was also a Turkologist and an animal rights activist.

Known for her provocative wit, bold feminism and preference for scandalously younger men, Gürel made her mark as lovable eccentric. She was immediately recognizable by her oversized, red glasses, pink wigs and lurid outfits.

Google’s doodle captures Gürel in all her pink exuberance, noting that “her joy is hard to contain on the screen.”

After a battle with lung cancer, Gürel died on Feb. 17, 2008 in Istanbul.

In memory of what would have been her 89th birthday, here’s one of Gürel’s may legendary hits:


These 100-Year-Old Twins Turned Into Princesses To Celebrate Their Birthday With The Cutest Photo Shoot

This is how you celebrate hitting the century mark! With adorable pics!

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These 100-year-old twins celebrated their birthday by basically becoming princesses and dressing up in poufy skirts and flower crowns to mark the incredible occasion.

Maria Pignaton Pontin and Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi are from Ibiraçu, Brazil, and photographer Camila Lima was the one who took their photos after reading their story in the newspaper.

She told Buzzfeed that she found the women beyond adorable, saying:

“I almost choked on my food because I thought they were so cute.”

Camila, who had been doing a series on elderly couples, immediately knew she had to photograph them.

She said:

“I take a lot of photos of young couples, and so my love for photographing old couples is a way to inspire my young couples. I had never met someone 100 years old. And twins!?”

The shoot reportedly went off without a hitch. Camila said:

“The shoot was super chill, they were excited and happy. They are very happy with the photos.”

See more shots from the magical, fairy tale-esque shoot (below)!

Durante a entrevista para TV GAZETA ES elas falaram que um dos segredos dos 100 anos era nunca ter colocado álcool na boca. Maqueio aqui o seu amigo (a) que não chegará ao 100 ??? (Tô me marcando @fotografiacamilalima) ???#capixabadagema #cemanos #vovós #gêmeas #tbt #fotografiacamilalimaA post shared by Camila Lima Fotógrafa (@fotografiacamilalima) on May 21, 2017 at 2:19pm PDT

Bom dia ?? duas florzinhas passando na sua TL ? #cemanos #vovó #gêmeas #fotografiacamilalimaA post shared by Camila Lima Fotógrafa (@fotografiacamilalima) on May 21, 2017 at 5:02am PDT

Marque a sua amiga viciada em foto ?? #100anos #100anosgêmeas #irmãs #fotografiacamilalima #vovóA post shared by Camila Lima Fotógrafa (@fotografiacamilalima) on May 21, 2017 at 11:27am PDT

100 anos das gêmeas Dona Maria e Dona Paulina ?? #fotografiacamilalima #capixabadagema #cemanos #100anos #irmãs #gêmeas #irmãgemeas #amor #Deus #vitória #saúde #irmãndade #felicidade #fusca #clubedofusca #fuscarosa #g1 #gazetaonline #tvgazetaestv #r7 #record #photo #tbt #photography #photoday #globo #record #sbt #vidadefotografa #idosos #3idadeA post shared by Camila Lima Fotógrafa (@fotografiacamilalima) on May 18, 2017 at 6:43pm PDT

100 anos das gêmeas Dona Maria e Dona Paulina ?? #fotografiacamilalima #capixabadagema #cemanos #100anos #irmãs #gêmeas #irmãgemeas #amor #Deus #vitória #saúde #irmãndade #felicidade #fusca #clubedofusca #fuscarosa #g1 #gazetaonline #tvgazetaestvA post shared by Camila Lima Fotógrafa (@fotografiacamilalima) on May 15, 2017 at 4:51pm PDT

É AGORA! CORRE E LIGAM NO ESTV TV GAZETAAAAA post shared by Camila Lima Fotógrafa (@fotografiacamilalima) on May 15, 2017 at 3:18pm PDT

[Image via Camila Lima Fotografia]


Chief Keef Charged With DUI After Traffic Stop Turned Into A Drug Bust! Look At His Mugshot!

Not a great weekend for Chief Keef down in Miami!

The rapper was booked on Saturday evening for felony DUI after he was pulled over by the police during a late-afternoon traffic stop, and then promptly failed a sobriety test.

Apparently, the police allege that a passenger in Keef’s car had also been handing off marijauna to a passenger in another car when they got caught.


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Chief was in a green McLaren (!!!) when he got pulled over, and officers found more weed and other substances during their search of both cars — and ended up charging four people with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

As for Chief Keef, he went down for DUI after his bloodshot eyes and dry mouth gave him away — and he promptly failed sobriety tests.

According to TMZ, Keef reportedly told the cops:

“It’s okay. When you find weed in my urine I’ll just get my attorney to get my marijuana card.”

OK then!

At least it all led to a great celebrity mugshot (below):




[Image via Guillermo Proano/WENN/Miami-Dade Police Department.]


The Crawford-Gerbers Certainly Turned It Out For the Fashion Los Angeles Awards

It’s in his DNA! The Crawford-Gerber clan attended the 2017 Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Sunday, April 2, to support one of their own, award winner Presley Gerber.

Gerber, 17, took home the Emerging Model award at the ceremony, which took place at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. His mom, model Cindy Crawford, his dad, Rande Gerber, and his younger

This article originally appeared on www.usmagazine.com: The Crawford-Gerbers Certainly Turned It Out For the Fashion Los Angeles Awards

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