A Koch Brothers Group Is Targeting These Democratic Senators for Voting Against Tax Reform

The political arm of the network helmed by conservative and libertarian mega donors Charles and David Koch is investing millions in an ad buy targeting two Democratic Senators up for reelection this year in states President Trump won by a landslide for failing to support the tax reform bill.

The group, Americans for Prosperity, is launching the $ 4 million ad campaign on Feb. 15 against Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill and Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly.

“Joe Donnelly and Claire McCaskill promised tax reform for years but chose partisan politics over Indiana and Missouri families when they had a once-in-a-generation opportunity to provide tax relief. Americans deserve better, which is why AFP is committed to ensuring citizens see the pro-growth benefits of tax reform despite dismissals and deception from ‘no’ votes like Donnelly and McCaskill,” AFP President Tim Phillips said in a statement.

Both ads tout the economic benefits of tax reform in Indiana and Missouri, and pointedly note that both Senators stood with Democratic leadership; the ads specifically call out Senate and House Minority Leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

“Senator Claire McCaskill said she’d support tax cuts for hard working Missourians,” the ad against McCaskill states, “but when she had the chance, she said no, voting against tax cuts for you.”

The Koch network had already invested $ 20 million in pushing for the passage of the tax reform bill, and had announced at its annual winter gathering in California last month that it was planning on spending an additional $ 20 million to sell it. In total, the politics and policy arm of the network could spend a record setting $ 400 million for the upcoming midterm elections.

But the massive investment comes in a political environment that is highly unfavorable to Republicans. Even though Trump won Missouri and Indiana by almost 20 points, Democrats are expected to emerge as the victors in what could be a wave election, regaining control of the House of Representatives. The map is less favorable to the Democrats in the Senate, and the non-partisan Cook Political Report has rated McCaskill and Donnelly’s seats as toss-ups. But both candidates had significantly out-raised their potential Republican counterparts by the end of 2017, according to disclosure records from the Federal Election Commission.

These are all factors that officials with the network have openly acknowledged.

“These elections are going to be brutally tough,” Emily Seidel, Chief Executive Officer of Americans for Prosperity, said at the seminar last month. “We’ve never faced a challenge like this one.”

— With reporting by Phil Elliott

(Disclosure: Time Inc., TIME’s parent company, has been acquired by Meredith Corp. in a deal partially financed by Koch Equity Development, a subsidiary of Koch Industries Inc.)


Donald Trump Got His OWN Birthday Wrong On Absentee Ballot! In Fact, The Entire Trump Family Had An Epic Voting FAIL!

Donald Trump and his family couldn’t be in New York to vote for the mayoral election in November. After all, they all live and work in Washington, D.C. now.

Well, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner work. Even Melania Trump had a lot of Christmas decorating to do. Donald apparently mostly watches TV and tweets while hopped up on massive amounts of Diet Coke.

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So obviously the answer is absentee ballot, right?

Well, not if you’re this crew. According to the NY Daily News, the First Family found the process too daunting.

The Board of Elections reports all four of them messed up their ballots! In four different ways!

Melania failed to sign her envelope, something made clear in the instructions. So her vote wasn’t counted.

Ivanka didn’t mail her ballot until Election Day — and since the mail isn’t magic, that was far too late to make it in time.

Jared never even mailed his in.

Video: Watch Trump Creeps On A Woman In Vintage Commercial Footage!

As for Donald himself, the Board said his vote actually was counted despite the fact it may not have actually been legally accurate enough.

See, Donald marked his birthday as July 14, 1946. He was actually born on June 14.

Yep. He got his own birthday wrong.

And it was so important to him to get this right, too! After all he called Bill De Blasio the “worst Mayor in the U.S.”

[Image via CBS.]


Trump: Thousands Now Express Regret Over Voting for Him!

Donald Trump has been president for such a short time, but so many people are already over it.

From his whiny little hissy fits over the crowd at his inauguration — or the lack of a crowd, we should say — to the decisions he's made to … it's all bad, OK?

We could take the time to break down all the developments over the past week, or over the past couple of months since he won the election, but we don't have the heart.

Instead, let's just check out some pitiful tweets from some unfortunate souls who actually voted for the guy.

Yep, there's a lot of regret over on Twitter these days …

1. "A Small Minded Petulant Baby"

A small minded petulant baby
May be time to work on your perception skills, bud.

2. "You’re Out of Control"

Youre out of control
… Because before he became president, he was the very picture of self control?

3. "Obama Had Me Covered"

Obama had me covered
Next time, it might be a good idea to do a little research for the jackass you’re voting for, huh, Glenda?

4. "Dude …"

Again, did these people simply never pay attention to Trump before voting for him? How could you miss this?

5. "I Voted for You to Make America Great Again!"

I voted for you to make america great again
Raise of hands, who actually thought that Trump would be a decent human being about this issue?

6. *Rage Tweet*

Star rage tweet star
Maybe ask around next time, Em. People would’ve told you.

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Donald Trump Takes 32-25 Lead in 2016 Presidential Election After New Hampshire Midnight Voting

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Despite Hillary Clinton being victorious in the first town to declare,

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