WarioWare Gold Review – Worth Its Weight

WarioWare, one of Nintendo’s strangest and most inventive series, tasks players with completing increasingly quick and difficult ‘microgames,’ each just a few seconds long. It’s a pure expression of one of Nintendo’s strengths–its games are often overflowing with abundant ideas that are all quickly experienced and equally strong. WarioWare Gold is positioning itself as the ultimate WarioWare experience–one that mixes together the three play styles that have defined the series’ previous handheld releases.

The 300 microgames are split between Mash games (which use the D-Pad and A button, like in the Game Boy Advance original), Twist games (which are controlled by tilting the console, à la WarioWare: Twisted!), and Touch games (that use the touchscreen, like DS launch title WarioWare: Touched!). There are also a handful of games that make you blow into the microphone, making the playlists that incorporate them slightly more embarrassing to play on public transport. Just under 40 of these microgames are new, with the rest being pulled from previous games in the series.

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When you start one of WarioWare Gold’s microgame playlists, you’ll be hit with a cavalcade of tasks in quick succession. In the space of a minute you might find yourself hammering the A button to snort up a dangling snot bubble, using the D-Pad to guide Wario as he jumps on Goombas, or navigating a short maze to find a treasure chest. You could be tilting the system to ward off samurai attacks or to extract a dead tooth from an open mouth; if your stylus is out you might be guiding a needle through a thread on the touch screen or slicing flying food, Fruit Ninja-style. You’ll be given a very brief instruction at the start of each game (“Avoid!,” “Stack!,” “Remember!”), and a few seconds to decipher and complete the task.

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In Story Mode, each supporting character is given a playlist with a control type and game theme. Most of the games are divided between Sport, Fantasy, Nintendo, and That’s Life (essentially miscellaneous) categories, although these are mostly aesthetic distinctions, as a lot of them play similarly. When you select a playlist for the first time you only need to beat a handful of microgames and the character’s Boss game–a slightly longer, more involved event that is closer to minigame than microgame–to clear it. The next time you play, you’re going for a high score, with the games increasing in difficulty and speed as you go. The Nintendo-themed retro games are a highlight, as always, although the boss levels for the Mash and Touch playlists are disappointing (thankfully the tilt-controlled version of Super Mario Bros. you’ll get to play in the Twist section is fantastic).

You can comfortably complete every character’s playlist and “finish” the game within two hours, and unlock all the microgames in five, but WarioWare is all about the long tail. Over time you’ll want to build up familiarity with each microgame to get a high score–the best way to succeed is to immediately know what to do when the instruction pops up. There’s a lot of repetition involved, but thankfully it’s extremely fun. The three WarioWare games that Gold most directly pulls from–the original GBA game, plus Twisted and Touched–were all fantastic in their own ways and having all three play styles in a single game is a delight.

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The challenge playlists that unlock after you beat the story, which allow you to play microgames under numerous different conditions, offer even more immediate thrills than the story playlists, which can take a while to heat up. Playing with only a single life, or testing your mettle in a mode where games switch between the upper and lower screen with very little time in between, can be tense and exciting. Sneaky Gamer mode, the one excellent mode from Game & Wario, returns here too. In this mode, you play as series staple 9-Volt, who plays microgames on the bottom screen but must occasionally hide under his blanket on the top screen if his mother comes into the room to check if he’s asleep. Keeping track of your game progress while also looking out for the telltale signs that your mum is about to burst into the room is a surprisingly nerve-wracking experience. There’s great variety in these lists, and you can choose which control styles you want to focus on–in the extremely fast Very Hard challenge mode, for instance, you’re given separate leaderboards for Mash, Twist, Touch, and Ultra (which mixes every control style) modes.

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WarioWare is also where Nintendo lets its freak flag fly, and Gold gets beautifully weird. The artists interpret Wario in different ways throughout the game–one microgame might render him in janky polygons, while another might draw him as a downtrodden everyman working in a factory. He might be fat, thin, or absurdly ripped–it feels like each microgame was designed with a huge degree of artistic and creative control. The cutscenes before each chapter in Story mode are legitimately funny–WarioWare has a firmly established cast of characters, all of whom have separate personalities and backstories, and they’re a delight to watch. Wario is given far more spoken dialog than is typical of Nintendo’s characters, too. You’d be hard-pressed to find another game with so many lines delivered by Charles Martinet, who imbues Wario with a sense of pride and malice here that’s a delight to witness. You can also unlock the ability to redub each character’s intro and outro cutscenes with your own voice, which is perfect for anyone who thinks Wario doesn’t swear enough.

Outside of finding all the microgames, there’s a long list of extras to unlock within WarioWare Gold. They’re available through what is essentially a loot box system, although, thankfully, it only uses currency earned in-game. You can spend coins to crank the handle on a capsule machine, which will drop one of several prizes ranging from oddities (character-themed alarm clocks and collector cards) to educational props (a gallery of past Nintendo consoles and inventions), through to more enjoyable and substantial offerings, including soundtrack albums and larger, more fleshed-out minigames. Those minigames vary in quality and complexity, but a few of them are truly great, and they’re really what you want every time you crank the wheel. While there’s a lot of filler in the capsules it’s also not too difficult to earn coins, which are handed out through regular play and whenever you achieve any of the goals set out in the game’s Mission screen (which include several demanding high-score goals that should keep you engaged for a while). This means unlocks are tied to persistence rather than skill, and that anyone who sticks with the game for long enough can reasonably unlock everything.

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WarioWare Gold might not be entirely new, but it’s the best representation available of what makes this series special. It’s a true greatest hits package that showcases Wario’s unique weirdo vibe, and this style of play remains inventive and thrilling 15 years after the original Game Boy Advance game. We’re still hoping for an entirely new title on Switch in the future, but for now Gold is a compelling, generous victory lap.

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Kevin Smith Reveals 43-Lb Weight Loss After ‘Massive’ Heart Attack

Kevin Smith Loses 43 Pounds Heart Attack
Kevin Smith after his 43 lb weight loss. Courtesy Kevin Smith/Instagram

Looking good! Kevin Smith updated fans on his health and revealed that he’s close to his goal of losing 50 lbs since suffering a heart attack in February.

Celebrities’ Weight Loss and Transformations: Before and After Pictures

“Today, I am down a total of 43 pounds! Only 7 more pounds until I’ve shed the 50 my doctor told me to lose following the heart attack,” the Weight Watchers ambassador, 47, captioned an Instagram pic on Wednesday, June 13, crediting magician Penn Jillette and Ray Cronise for kickstarting his weight loss, and Weight Watchers for helping him slim down. “This #wwambassador is now at the absolute thinnest I’ve been since I finished high school! And while I may look a little better, I FEEL f—king fantastic! It’ll be a few weeks, but I’m ready to lose that final 7 points! And when I hit my goal, I’ll let you know where I started.”

Smith made headlines in February after revealing that he experienced a “massive” heart attack backstage at an L.A. comedy show. He recently showed off his weight loss in May, telling his 1.2 million Instagram followers that he’s lost 32 lbs since the traumatic experience.

Celebrity Health Scares

The filmmaker previously opened up about his weight loss journey exclusively to Us Weekly back in April.

Kevin Smith Loses 43 Pounds Heart Attack
Kevin Smith attends TheGrill Special Event With Charlie Collier Of AMC Networks And Special Guest Kevin Smith Presented By TheWrap July 2017 at Montage Beverly Hills on July 25, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. Greg Doherty/Getty Images

“For me, food was not like fuel. It wasn’t, like, you eat food because it powers your body and you move on,” he said at the time. “I’m an American who grew up in the ‘70s when America figured out, if we start putting more sugar in everything, they’ll buy it. So sugar starts showing up in the bread and everything.”

’90s Nostalgia Photos: Pictures of Boy Bands, Grunge, Throwback Moments

Smith added that he didn’t think he was having a heart attack when it happened, given that he lost 85 lbs three years ago after cutting sugar out of his diet entirely. “I was sweaty, I thought I couldn’t catch my breath, I felt nauseated, but I didn’t think of those as heart attack symptoms,” he explained. “I couldn’t piece it together, but that’s me being incredibly stupid because my mom has two stents in her heart and my father died of a massive heart attack at 67.”

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Tyler Baltierra Shows Off INSANE Weight Loss!

There have been a whole lot of changes for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra these past several months, right?

And as you likely know, not all of them have been good.

Last fall, they decided it was time to expand their family, and Catelynn actually did get pregnant pretty fast. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage shortly after announcing the news to her family (and to the Teen Mom OG film crew).

She’s dealt with depression and anxiety for years, and the miscarriage sent her into a tailspin that resulted in two separate six-week visits to a treatment center in Arizona.

In March, she left her second rehab stint, and she’s been home since — and thankfully, it seems like she’s doing much better these days.

As for Tyler, who struggled with his own grief over the miscarriage on top of holding down the home and family clothing business while Catelynn was gone, it looks like he’s been feeling a lot better too!

Judging by a new photo he shared on Instagram, he’s looking a lot different, too!

Tyler Baltierra selfie

DANG, right?!

“Hard work is paying off!” he captioned the photo. “It’s been 6 months since completely changing my eating habits, I dropped 40lbs & now it’s time to cut it all up with these workouts, BOOM!”

He added the hashtags “crushing these personal goals” and “it feels great,” which is nice.

Then, as you can see in the photo (because of the text and also because of the evidence), he’s already seeing progress with his ab muscles.

Tyler has never been a heavy guy, quite the contrary — he’s always been pretty skinny.

But sometime in the past year or so, his metabolism did seem to slow down, and he started looking a little fuller in the face, which he himself frequently mentioned on social media.

Back in October, he announced that he had “a major dadbod,” but that “I just haven’t decided if I care yet hahaha.”

Tyler Baltierra Weight Loss

Around New Years though, like so many of us, he decided he did care, and he switched up his diet.

He started dropping weight fast — by the beginning of February, he said that he was already down 35 pounds.

Judging by this new post of his, the goal was to lose 40 pounds altogether, and now that he’s done it, he’s going to start working on building muscle.

And judging by the comments on the post, a whole lot of his followers appreciate what they’re seeing.

An insane amount of people complimented his looks here, which is more than fair — as we’ve said, he’s obviously looking good.

“Taking dad bod to a whole new level!” one commenter joked.

“Good job Tyler,” another wrote. “Besides getting back into shape, exercise is so important for mental stability. I applaud you.”

That’s a good point, because on top of all the bad feelings brought on by the miscarriage, we know that he was also diagnosed as bipolar recently.

He’s said that he wanted to try working on things naturally before starting on any medications, and while there’s definitely no shame if he ends up needing meds, exercise and a healthy diet certainly can’t hurt.

Let’s see, what else … a ton of people admitted that they thought Tyler was Justin Bieber at first when they saw this photo in their Instagram feed, which is hilarious but understandable.

Of course, things couldn’t be all positive and lighthearted for long — plenty of his followers felt the need to tell him that Catelynn should be the one working out instead.

Some even suggest that he should leave her. Because of abs.

Somehow, we doubt that will happen, and even if it did, this isn’t a story about Baltierra divorce rumors.

It’s a story about how Tyler is feeling himself, and rightfully so.

Congrats, bud!

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Melissa McCarthy Worked Hard On MAJOR Weight Loss For A New Movie Role!

Surprise! Melissa McCarthy has lost a TON of weight!

The famous Bridesmaids actress is turning in a very new direction with her next career project, a film coming out in October called Can You Ever Forgive Me?, and part of the difference comes in what we’ll all see on screen: a much thinner Melissa!

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The talented actress is playing a down-and-out author who turns to crime to pay the bills in this movie (set to open on the 19th of October), and to make it happen for the part, McCarthy lost a whopping 75 pounds!!!

Of course, she downplays the whole thing.

In the past, she has said about her weight and general health and fitness (below):

“I’ll be up, I’ll be down, probably for the rest of my life. The thing is, if that is the most interesting thing about me, I need to go have a lavender farm in Minnesota and give this up. If I, off the top of my head, name 20 of the most amazing women in my life, it’s all shapes, sizes, ages, colours, jobs. I can only go off my reality. What people pass off as ‘normal’, I just have to keep in my head that it’s bullshit.”

Well then!!

Ch-ch-check out the trailer to her new movie set to come out in six months (below):

Looks inneresting!!

And she looks SOOOO different, doesn’t she?!

What do y’all think, Perezcious readers?!

Let us know in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]


Rob Kardashian Celebrates 31st Birthday, Shows Off MASSIVE Weight Loss!

Rob Kardashian has been laying low recently, and for good reason.

After all, things haven’t been going super well for him lately.

Or for the past several years, for that matter.

He obviously loves his daughter very much, and he probably had like three or four good days during his relationship with Blac Chyna, but besides that, it seems like he’s been in a really dark place for a really dark time.

He had that extremely messy, allegedly abusive relationship with Chyna that ended in flames, he released those nude photos of her that’s gotten him into a heap of legal trouble.

Chyna’s claimed in court documents that he was violent towards her, and that he would threaten suicide to manipulate her, which, you know, isn’t great.

On top of all that, his health has been an issue for the past few years now, and in multiple ways: remember when his family was begging him to go to rehab?

Rob’s also struggled with his weight for a long time, and that’s leading into what we’re going to be talking about today.

See, yesterday was his birthday — he’s 31 now.

To celebrate, Kris Jenner threw a party at her house. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe were there, though it looks like Kendall and Kylie were on vacation.

Kim and Kourtney brought their kids as well, and little Dream was in attendance!

We know that because Kim shared this picture in her Instagram stories — and look how great Rob looks:

It’s clear that he’s been losing quite a bit of weight, right?

He posted Kim’s photo on his Twitter account, and his followers all agreed that he’s looking good here.

“Dream is just beaut and don’t get me started on Rob,” one person wrote. “He looks so good I’m so happy for him.”

“Wow the weight loss!!” another commented. “Keep going you’ve got this!”

Referencing one of the most iconic Kardashian moments, another of his followers told him “YAS DADDY ROB UR DOING AMAZING SWEETIE.”

And it’s not just that he’s lost weight, but he also looks genuinely happy here, which is rare to see these days.

Oh, and since it was his birthday, you know his family took some time to leave some sweet comments about him on their social media accounts!

“Happy birthday to my brother Rob!!!” Kim wrote. “I love you so much and wish you all of the happiness in the world! I love raising our kids together, you’re the best dad and friend! Can’t wait to celebrate today!!”

In a post of her own, Khloe said “Happy birthday Rob!!! This year is YOURS! I can’t wait to see all you conquer! Seeing you as a father has been so rewarding!”

“You’re an incredible father, brother, and friend!” she added. “I can’t wait to raise our daughters together! I love you Bob.”

Meanwhile, Kris told him that he’s “the most wonderful son a mom could ever ask for and I thank God for you every day!”

“It brings me so much joy to see the incredible father you have become. I am so proud of you!!”

Blac Chyna even set aside her issues with Rob to wish him a happy birthday — she shared this old photo of them with Dream to do so:

Blac Chyna's happy birthday to Rob

It’s nice that he seems to have so much support in his life, and especially that he and Chyna seem to be on decent terms, despite everything.

Hopefully this means that he’s finally on the way to getting better, for good this time, mentally as well as physically.

Happy birthday, Rob.

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Teen Mom OG’s Tyler Baltierra Claps Back At Trolls Slamming His Weight Loss While Wife Catelynn Is In Treatment

Tyler Baltierra is proud of himself — as he should be!

As we reported, the Teen Mom OG star has lost 30 pounds after making the decision to take care of his health eight weeks ago. Good for him, TBH!

But, that doesn’t mean trolls online weren’t giving him a hard time about touting his progress while his wife Catelynn Lowell is in rehab to overcome childhood trauma.

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After assessing what the haters had to say, Tyler had some pretty poignant responses for defending his self-care effort!

See what he had to say (below)!!

You must first love yourself before you can love another!

Thoughts?? SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Instagram.]


Abby Lee Miller Shares First Photo From Prison, Shows Off Weight Loss

Abby Lee Miller is making the most of her time behind bars. The Dance Moms alum, who was sentenced to 366 days in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud, shared her first photo from prison — and it appears she has lost weight.

“Sometimes in life you make mistakes I trusted the wrong people and didn’t pay any attention to things I should of. I’m more than sorry for the mistakes I have made,” Miller began in a lengthy post on Sunday, January 21, via Instagram. “My world flipped upside down when I had to enter prison. I did so with grace, the stories you read about me been a princess are untrue. I have made friends with both inmates and staff, I’ve tried to better myself, participated in anything offered to me and I am a better person for this experience.”

Sometimes in life you make mistakes I trusted the wrong people and didn’t pay any attention to things I should of. I’m more than sorry for the mistakes I have made. My world flipped upside down when I had to enter prison. I did so with grace, the stories you read about me been a princess are untrue. I have made friends with both inmates and staff, I’ve tried to better myself, participated in anything offered to me and I am a better person for this experience. All the press stories and speculation are not entirely correct however, I am feeling hopeful but no dates have been confirmed at this time. I am feeling great and ready to turn over a new leaf thank you so much to everyone for your support especially my nearest and dearest I love you all ❤ ( and yes this is me in prison ) #abbyleemiller #abbylee #dancemoms #dance #aldc

A post shared by Abby Lee Miller (@therealabbylee) on

She continued, “All the press stories and speculation are not entirely correct however, I am feeling hopeful but no dates have been confirmed at this time. I am feeling great and ready to turn over a new leaf thank you so much to everyone for your support especially my nearest and dearest I love you all ❤ ( and yes this is me in prison )
#abbyleemiller #abbylee #dancemoms#dance #aldc.”

As previously reported, The Abby Lee Dance Company owner, 51, was sentenced in May 2017 for bankruptcy fraud and bringing $ 120,000 worth of Australian currency into the United States without reporting it. She was also ordered to two years of supervised release and fined $ 40,000 along with a $ 120,000 judgment. Miller, who has been replaced on Dance Moms by Cheryl Burke, began serving her time at the Victorville, California, federal prison in July.

Us Weekly exclusively confirmed in December that Miller completed a prison Release Preparation Program and received a certificate in personal finance on December 15. The reality TV personality also passed her ACE — Adult Continuing Education — class and received a certificate for real estate. Miller will now be recognized by the industry that she completed her certificates for.

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Teen Shares Epic “Weight Loss” Photo After Breakup: I Lost 200 Pounds!

There are bad dates and there are worse dates. And not all of those are first dates, either.

Well, a teenager named Miranda had a particularly bad date … and celebrated the ensuing break-up with a triumphant weight loss announcement.

And a before-and-after photo that rocketed to viral fame.

Miranda Baker is a beautiful young woman.

She’s certainly not someone whom we would describe as “disgusting” or “unattractive.”

But that is apparently exactly how her (now ex-)boyfriend described her just before their breakup.

See, Miranda is an 18-year-old student at Iowa State University. And on Sunday, she tweeted two (now-deleted) photos, which we have for you below.

Using some simple photo cropping, she turned the single photo into a before-and-after picture, along with the caption:

“After getting called disgusting last night, I successfully dropped 200lbs! (Before and after pics)”

Before you start to worry about her health or grow concerned that this is an endorsement of fat-shaming as a weight loss technique, take a look:

Miranda Baker, Viral "Weight Loss" Photo Split

That’s great.

Obviously, this is neither the first nor the most original use of the “I just lost x pounds” line often employed by the newly divorced.

But the fact that she included photos and actively photoshopped her former boyfriend out of them so that they could be “before and after” photos really wins you over.

Miranda told The Daily Mail that she and her ex had been seeing each other for about 5 weeks before the ugly incident and breakup.

On Saturday, the pair spent the afternoon tailgating and even had lunch with Miranda’s parents.

They then went to her boyfriend’s fraternity formal together. Apparently, it was when they arrived that her date had some alarming things to say about her.

“‘He said to me, “The way you were acting today was disgusting and unattractive.'”

We have no idea what he could have meant, but … yikes.

Unless she was rolling around in excrement or eating a kitten alive or endorsing Roy Moore or ordering mushrooms on her pizza, those comments sound entirely unwarranted.

Basically, that’s an unacceptable way to talk to another human being, let alone to your girlfriend.

Miranda realized that and ended up leaving the formal and meeting up with some friends. Good for her.

She says that her ex later called her, and not to apologize.

“About an hour later he called me, yelling at me to apologize for leaving him! I said, “I will not apologize for leaving you after you called me disgusting and unattractive.'”

That sounds very fair. If he’d broken up with her over her alleged behavior, that would have been his choice.

There was no need to speak to her the way that he reportedly did.

Miranda’s post ended up getting retweeted by just the right people, and became an overnight sensation within the Twittersphere.

She received outpourings of support for her decision to end the relationship. She also got a lot of laughs for her lighthearted “weight loss” photos.

There are worse ways to handle a breakup.

At least one person used the opportunity to ask her out, asking if she was looking to gain “165 pounds.” Funny, though perhaps not the time.

And at least one person took to her ex’s defense, saying that none of the people enjoying the tweets knew what “actually” happened … but also not offering an alternative version of the story.

Social media is amazing, folks. 

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Mariah Carey Reportedly Had Weight Loss Surgery!

Did Mimi go under the knife??

According to Page Six, after getting criticized by fat shaming Internet trolls, Mariah Carey reportedly underwent gastric sleeve surgery last month in Beverly Hills.

In the procedure, the stomach is reduced to about 15% of its original size so one feels satiated more quickly.

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An insider revealed:

“Mariah has always been proud of her curves, but this summer, as her Caesars Palace residency came to a close, and then she went on tour with Lionel Richie, she noticed it became harder to dance, and she was getting a lot more criticism online from body shamers.”

Even though it’s only been a month, the singer is already noticing a difference.

“Mariah underwent the procedure about a month ago, and she is already seeing some good results, and she feels a lot better.”

Her rep declined to comment.

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]


RHOC Star Vicki Gunvalson Apologizes To Shannon Beador For Causing 40-Pound Weight Gain!

This is a step in the right direction!

As we reported, on this season of Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador opens up about her 40-pound weight gain which she attributes to Vicki Gunvalson repeating a rumor that Beador’s husband David “beats the shit out of [Shannon].”

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The feng shui-enthusiast claims the “stress caused me to eat more, caused me to drink more” and that she is “embarrassed” about her body.

On Friday, the OG from the OC spoke to ET Online where she apologizes for causing “any stress” to her costar.

“I’m sorry. You know, I’m sorry that you feel that way and I don’t want to cause her any stress … If I’m responsible for it, I’m really, really sorry. I don’t want anything bad for Shannon and David. I actually want them to have a happy, healthy marriage. I told her that from the very beginning when she confided in me on their situation. I said, ‘Make your marriage work.’ So I’m sorry. If I’m to blame for it, I’m sorry.”‘

In 2015, it was revealed that David cheated on his wife, a traumatic event that was heavily documented on the hit Bravo show.

RHOC airs Mondays at 9 P.M. ET.

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]


Tia Mowry Shows Off INCREDIBLE 20-Pound Weight Loss From New Diet!

Tia Mowry is a whole new woman!

On Wednesday, the former Sister, Sister star revealed on Instagram she lost 20 pounds, and showed off her taut figure in a midriff-bearing white shirt and form-fitting purple workout pants!

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But how did she burn the fat?? The 38-year-old wrote:

“I’ve lost 20 pounds! Many asked how? Diet and cooking out of my cook book #wholenewyou”

In her cookbook Whole New You: How Real Food Transforms Your Life, for a Healthier, More Gorgeous You, the actress offers up 100 recipes featuring healthier versions of comfort foods such as fried chicken and crispy collard chips.

Back in March, Miz Mowry made headlines when she fought back against a body shaming troll on Insta.

Whatever Tia is doing, it’s working!

[Image via Tia Mowry/Instagram.]


The Biggest Loser Contestants Reveal Their Weight Gain Struggles After The Show In First Look At The Big Fat Truth!

They may have lost a ton of weight on The Biggest Loser, but what happens after? Is it really possible to lose that much that quickly?

Creator J.D. Roth wanted to find out, so he’s bringing back six contestants who lost a collective 630 lbs. — but gained it all back — in the premiere of a new show this summer called The Big Fat Truth.

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Roth and his participants will try to find out if it’s possible to beat our biology through “diet and mindset” rather than a short burst of intensity.

He’ll work with all kinds of people, but in the premiere ep, airing June 13 at 8 p.m. EST on Z Living, it’s all about the Losers.

Get your first look at The Big Fat Truth (below)!

[Image via Z Living.]