Sorry, Kathy Griffin! CNN New Year’s Eve Ratings Actually Went UP This Year!

Sorry about it, Kathy Griffin! Andy Cohen took the 57-year-old comedian’s spot on CNN‘s New Year’s Eve Special with Anderson Cooper after her controversial photo of a beheaded Donald Trump… and it seems like the network is benefiting from the switch up! Related: Kathy Griffin Needs To Move On According to a release from CNN’s(…)

Fyre Festival Organizers Apologize for ‘Unacceptable’ Experience, Promise Refunds: What Went Wrong

Fyre Festival organizers issued a lengthy apology on Saturday, April 29, to the fans who attended the disastrous, unorganized music event in the Bahamas, which was touted as a "once-in-a-lifetime musical experience." As previously reported, festival goers shelled out up to $ 12,780 and traveled to the Caribbean to enjoy what was supposed to be(…)