Flexible content delivery, student-faculty interaction frees time without hurting grades

Medical students face an intense workload and often struggle to juggle priorities. Similarly, medical school faculty must find time in their schedules to prepare lectures and for face-to-face interaction with students. To optimize student and faculty time and increase engagement between them, researchers ‘flipped’ their content delivery strategy upside down.
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ABC Is Still Looking At A Roseanne Spinoff Without The Title Star, But There’s One BIG Problem…

After ABC canceled Roseanne late last month due to star Roseanne Barr‘s undeniably racist comments about a former advisor to President Barack Obama, most fans of the re-booted show figured that was pretty much it for ever seeing it on TV again.

But not so fast! ABC hinted soon after the cancellation, and they are still exploring avenues now, that might allow them to re-boot the show around Sara Gilbert‘s character while cutting Barr out of it altogether!

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According to TMZ, ABC execs are doing their due diligence right now to avoid a lawsuit from Barr, because if they re-boot the show, there’s some concern that she’d have an ownership stake in it since she created the original, and served as an executive producer.

Obviously, with the first re-boot being canceled because of Roseanne’s actions, network execs don’t want her to be profiting off the new re-boot that may or may not go on without her.

So, ABC is literally going character by character and determining which ones Roseanne has a financial stake in, which ones she created, and which ones they can get away with using for the re-boot that won’t involve her.

Wild — but smart!!! Clearly, network execs are motivated to strike while the iron is hot, and potentially move QUICKLY to re-re-boot this show.

We’ll see if it happens… but we could hear something as early as this coming week!!!

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First Photos After Honeymoon: Prince Harry Snapped Without Wedding Ring

Back from his honeymoon! Prince Harry stepped out for his first post-honeymoon workout in London on Thursday, June 7, more than two weeks after he was last seen with Duchess Meghan (nee Markle).

Scroll through to see Us Weekly’s exclusive pics of the 33-year-old newlywed’s solo outing:

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‘This World Is A Better Place Without Her’: Get The Story Behind That BRUTAL Viral Obituary!

“This world is a better place without her.”

It’s about the worst thing someone can say about you after death and the reason Kathleen Dehmlow‘s obituary went viral this week.

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People don’t usually look through the somber newspaper section expecting to see such hardcore shade, so the Internet went wild after someone shared the brief obit from Monday’s Redwood Falls Gazette on Twitter.

See the whole thing and get the sad backstory (below):

Yeah, that definitely gets dark.

So what’s the story behind it??

DailyMail.com tracked down one of the “abandoned children” to whom the post refers, 58-year-old Army vet and retired boxer Jay Dehmalo.

Jay explained this provided him and his elder sister Gina some catharsis after many decades without a mother:

“You can’t believe the dysfunction of the family. They’ll never know what we went through but it helped us [to write this]. We wanted to finally get the last word.”

He said posting the obit was Gina’s idea; when she’d heard their mother was on her deathbed rather than last-minute forgiveness, she looked for a recent photo to submit to the paper along with her “last word.”

The post was refused by the first paper they tried and later deleted from the Redwood Falls Gazette website after complaints (though of course it still exists in print).

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According to Dehmalo, the kids’ grandparents finally took them in after Kathleen abandoned them and their father was unfit to raise them. Cousin Lyle Schunk confirmed:

“They took them in because Kathleen was evidently an unfit mother or something. Kathleen liked to drink as well, she liked to party as well.”

The hardship of their childhood, which he says “people wouldn’t believe,” obviously did enduring damage. Dehmalo says they were “bad kids”; his sister has been convicted twice of domestic violence charges.

Meanwhile, he says their mother was “off having a great life in California with her other kids” — two half-brothers he and Gina found out about years later.

Kathleen’s surviving sister Judy called the obit “nasty” and said it “hurt the family tremendously” — she thought the dark chapter should have been left out:

“Why do people want to talk about it? It’s not important.”

Two kids aren’t important? Hmm.

Definitely seems too harsh for an obit, but without all the sides and with so little detail we won’t provide the “judgement” Kathleen will face — but we will say this:

Remember this obit the next time you burn bridges. Because you don’t get to write your story; the survivors do.

What do YOU think of these kids getting “the last word” on their mother??

[Image via Redwood Falls Gazette/Twitter.]


Jenelle Evans: I Told You! The Show Can’t Go On Without Me!

Jenelle Evans 1, MTV 0.

It appears as if this controversial cable network personality has won her stand-off against producers and executives, following many weeks’ worth of speculation that Evans may be fired from Teen Mom 2.

Such rumors ran wild around the Internet because Jenelle basically initiated her own boycott of the program.

After MTV fired her husband, David Eason, as a result of his many homophobic remarks, Evans refused to film.

She especially took a strong stance against filming the Teen Mom 2 reunion special in New York City last month, refusing to attend unless the network footed the traveling expenses for her and David.

Producers refused. And Evans remained true to her word.

She skipped the taping.

(And, in the process, she missed quite an explosive situation, as Briana DeJesus and/or her sister allegedly brawled on stage with Kailyn Lowry as cameras rolled.)

However, Radar Online now reports that Evans has essentially come out on top in this quasi game of chicken with her bosses:

She WILL be part of the reunion special after all.

How is this possible? Considering the special has already been filmed?

MTV has agreed to send Dr. Drew Pinsky down to North Carolina to film a separate, one-on-one interview with Evans that will be incorporated into the reunion.

The network has stood strong against Eason, though, as he will play no role in this filming.

MTV arranged for Jenelle to film with just Dr. Drew in North Carolina after she threw a temper tantrum and refused to face the other girls without David,” an insider tells Radar, adding of the arrangement:

“She is scheduled to film on Sunday, but David can’t be anywhere near filming.

“So either he has to leave the house or Jenelle will have to go somewhere else to film.”

Either way, it’s hard not to see this as a victory for Jenelle.

The veteran reality star basically went on strike and dared MTV to fire her…

… and the higher-ups responded by actually heading to down to Jenelle’s hometown just to make sure she remained part of the show.

It’s worth noting that her mother, Barbara Evans, and her son, Jace, both traveled and filmed the Teen Mom 2 reunion in The Big Apple the the weekend of May 19, 2018.

And they may very well have some negative things to say about Jenelle.

But she’s also heard it all before. She can likely handle it.

Just a few weeks ago, Evans got into serious legal trouble and faced major backlash after reportedly pulling a gun on a driver during a fit of road rage.

Once again, chatter swirled after this incident that the famous teenage mother may get canned.

And, just to be clear, this may still end up happening.

She may very well film her reunion interview and then not have her contract renewed.

But even if this ends up being the case, check out the photo gallery and story below:

Evans and DeJesus are already lining up their post-Teen Mom plans:

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2 Million Still Without Power After Storm Hits Northeast

(BOSTON) — Roughly 2 million utility customers remain without electricity after a powerful storm swept across the Northeast.

And power companies say it could take days before power is restored in some areas.

The nor’easter also continued to cause travel delays on Saturday, a day after it hammered the region and caused some of the worst damage since Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

The storm knocked out Amtrak service between Washington D.C. and New York before it was restored Saturday morning. Other train lines were similarly affected.

Residents in several New England area states also braced for more flooding during high tides Saturday, though forecasters said the worst of the storm was over for most areas and that the system had moved hundreds of miles out to sea.

Areas from Maryland to Maine remained under flood warnings.


Jennifer Aniston Spotted Without Her Ring at Courteney Cox’s Home: Pics

Jennifer Aniston smiling no ring
Jennifer Aniston in Beverly Hills, California on February 27, 2018. Splash News

In seemingly good spirits. Jennifer Aniston was spotted leaving best friend Courteney Cox’s Beverly Hills home looking happy and content only weeks after announcing her split from husband of two years, Justin Theroux.

The We’re the Millers actress, 49, was all smiles as she strolled down to the street after spending some quality time with Cox, 53, on Tuesday, February 27. Aniston was not wearing her wedding ring during the outing.

Jennifer Aniston no ring
Jennifer Aniston in Beverly Hills, California on February 27, 2018. Splash News

Aniston has been leaning on her former Friends costar for support in the wake of the separation. A source exclusively told Us Weekly that The Break-Up star, Cox and three other friends dined at L.A.’s Sunset Tower Hotel on February 13, less than 48 hours before the split news broke.

“From the way they were sitting, it seemed like everyone was kind of shielding Jen from the rest of the dining room,” an insider revealed. “They were at a corner table.”

The Just Go With It actress and the Cougar Town alum also reunited on February 11 for Aniston’s 49th birthday dinner, sans Theroux.

The Emmy winner and The Leftovers actor confirmed their separation in a joint statement to Us Weekly on February 15. “In an effort to reduce any further speculation, we have decided to announce our separation. This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year,” the statement read. “We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship.”

Although Theroux and Aniston retreated to Cabo in December 2017 with pals Jason Bateman and his wife, Amanda Anka, in yet another effort to save their marriage, the attempt did not render successful. The pair had also been in marriage counseling to try and work through their problems, according to an insider.

Multiple sources exclusively confirmed to Us that the distance played a major part in the split. Another insider added that, while Theroux “was absolutely head over heels in love” with Aniston, he “had reservations” about tying the knot.

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