The Craft Star Rachel True Is Now A Tarot Card Reader!

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We find this SO fascinating!

While many people recognize Rachel True for playing Rochelle in the hit 1996 film The Craft, few know that she is now a tarot card reader in Los Angeles!

According to an article from LA Weekly, you can get a reading from the actress herself at the House Of Intuition in Echo Park.

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Rachel began studying tarot cards when she was a struggling actress in the early 90s. She said:

“Instead of kind of feeling sorry for myself or fighting against it, I just jumped into my tarot studies and kept notebooks and really got to know the cards, and the combinations and things like that.”

However, don’t expect too much from the cards.

“I find that a lot of people have a misconception that there is something heavy or dark about it. And honestly it is just cards with archetypes on them… The tricky thing that I think people miss is the cards aren’t magic, what they do is: they help you — they hopefully help you — lock into your own intuition.”

As you may have heard, the cult classic is currently in the process of getting a reboot. While True is all for it, she thinks it would be better to see the original witches as adults.

“Imagine seeing Fairuza [Balk]’s character as an adult — fucking fascinating. But that’s also because I am my age.”

We totally agree!