The Duggars’ Most Awkward Televised Moments: Josh Sings! Ben Seewald Raps! We Cringe!

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Every reality TV family struggles to perfect the same tricky balancing act:

How to share enough information with the world to make for compelling viewing, while at the same time, not giving away too much of your personal life?

This is particularly difficult in the case of the Duggar clan, as their carefully-curated public image is based almost entirely on secrets and lies.

That's how we wind up with so many episodes based on scavenger hunts, and craft projects, and other boring crap that's clearly staged for the cameras.

But every once in a while, the Duggars let their guards down and allow an honest, unscripted moment to make it to air.

And that's how we wound up with these cringe-worth scenes.

Enjoy, and try not to die of second-hand embarassment!

1. A Family Tradition

Duggar family promotes counting on
The Duggars have been on TV since the days when George W. Bush was in office. And while the faces may have changed, the family’s ability to humiliate themselves has remained constant.

2. Sad Fact

Duggar family 19 kids and counting
If you grow up on camera, it’s inevitable that some of your more awkward moments will be shared in front of an audience of millions.

3. No Getting Around It

The duggar family a photo
And when your family is as cringe-inducing as the Duggars … well, some of those moments might be the kind that will follow you for the rest of your days.

4. Josh on the Spot

Josh duggar at the zoo
So let’s kick of our list of the most awkward Duggar moments with a little weirdness from the most despicable member of the 19 Kids and Counting clan. We’re talking, of course, about Josh …

5. Josh’s Proposal

Josh and anna duggar on their wedding day
Josh and Anna’s engagement was the first one that was witnessed by viewers, and boy, was it one weird occasion.

6. Just the Beginning

Josh and anna d
Obviously, there were many, many more embarrassing moments to come in this marriage, but thankfully, most of them didn’t make it onto TLC

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