Tristan Thompson Posts Epic Birthday Tribute to Khloe Kardashian, is Clearly Tapping That Again

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Cleveland Cavaliers forward and sometime reality TV star Tristan Thompson did not come out Saturday and admit that he’s back together in a committed, romantic relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

But, really, he might as well have.

On the occasion of his baby mama’s 36th birthday, amid ongoing rumors that he’s once again in a relationship with Khloe, Tristan posted the adorable family photo above.

And then he gushed – and then gushed and then gushed some more – over Khloe, who gave birth to daughter True just over two years ago.

“I’m wise enough now to know, you came into my life to show me just what it means to be an incredible person,” Thompson captioned his post, adding: 

“I appreciate how I am able to learn from and grow because of you.”

Says it all right there, doesn’t it?

Just a few days ago, Khloe published a new snapshot of her alleged ex-boyfriend and their shared toddler.

It was just the latest social media instance of Khloe and Tristan both spending a lot of time together.

Not just phoning it in for True, either. 

They are also saying nice things about each other in public in a show of solidarity – and to convince us this is normal.

Thompson wasn’t done, either. He very clearly set out here to emphasize his affection and respect for Kardashian.

Wrote Thompson: “I thank God for the beautiful and loving woman you are to everyone, especially our daughter True.

“You deserve the world Koko! True and I love you mama,” he said, referring to her by a couple of cute nicknames.

“Happy Birthday @khloekardashian.”

Obviously a very nice sentiment, but after everything he’s done, can they really settle in and become a family again?

For her part, Kim Kardashian thinks so.

Khloe’s older sister quickly commented on the post, telling Thompson that his words were “so beyond sweet.”

She had previously mentioned how much Tristan has changed and how he’s really been trying with Khloe of late.

Kardashian and Thompson, of course, called it quits early last year after news broke that he had hooked up Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods and then tried to keep it from the family.

This was bad enough on its own.

But Thompson also allegedly definitely cheated on the reality star in 2018 – while she was pregnant with True.

There was video evidence and everything at the time, with Thompson never denying the allegations.

Khloe, however, has been conscious to never really trash her child’s father and to keep him close in her life.

Presumably for the sake of their precious kid, but also because she clearly has feelings for him.

Whatever the motivation, the stars have been together almost non-stop since the world shut down over COVID-19, with almost everyone out there assuming the two were boning again.

Could it be more than occasional intercourse, though?

Could Khloe really be giving Tristan yet another shot?

It seems plausible at this point.

The lockdown made them closer,” a source tells celebrity gossip magazine People regarding the reality star and NBA player.

“They hadn’t spent this much time together since they lived in Cleveland. They have had an amazing spring with True in L.A.”

He’s already committed to giving her sperm for another kid, but now it looks like he’s doing it the old-fashioned way.

If you know what we mean.

Gross. Sorry. Anyway, last weekend, Kardashian and Thompson spent Father’s Day together with their daughter.

That seemed to go very well, with Khloe going out of her way to praise her daughter’s father on public social channels.

“She and Tristan are great,” said this same source, nothing that without a doubt, “Khloe seems extremely happy.”

Here’s hoping he keeps it in his pants this time.


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