US on tenterhooks ahead of record $1.5 bn jackpot

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The Powerball lottery ticket winner can choose to be paid the full jackpot in annual instalments for 29 years -- or take $ 930 million as a one-off payment -- before taxesAmericans flocked to snap up last-minute tickets in the final countdown to Wednesday's Powerball lottery drawing, which could see one lucky winner walk off with a world record $ 1.5 billion jackpot. Office workers dashed out between meetings to buy tickets, workmen fantasized about what they would do with the winnings, and commuters joked about hoping the jackpot could save them from the deep freeze of a New York winter. For days, the talk of the nation, from coast to coast, and even from Canada to Mexico, is: will someone finally win the first Powerball jackpot in two months and, if so, how would you spend such a whopping jackpot?

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