Were Taylor Swift’s Musical Talents The Thing That Won Tom Hiddleston’s Heart??

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There’s no question Tom Hiddleston is a talented actor, but it sure sounds like Taylor Swift‘s talents blew him away SO much, it quickly led to love!

The pair has been on a whirlwind summer tour of the world recently, and even though the media attention has died down a little bit, it doesn’t sound like Tom’s love for Taylor is doing anything but growing stronger!

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Speaking at a SAG-AFTRA Q&A on Friday night in El Lay, Hiddleston got real about how much his perception of musicians has changed over time, saying:

“I suddenly understood why people [become singers] forever. There’s an extraordinary effect that music has on people, it creates such joy immediately.”

All this comes from a direct line to his singer-songwriter character in I Saw The Light, but the 35-year-old actor went deeper then that in explaining how music itself will forever link him to the cast and crew of that film:

“I didn’t know it was going to make us feel like we’ve known each other for years.”

Hmm… Where else in Mr. Hiddleston’s life might we expect to hear that sentiment???

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Ever the gentleman, the British actor went on to openly grovel at the feet of his musician friends — oh, yeah, and girlfriend — by adding:

“I really have such respect for musicians and for singers because they’re so naked. Actors get to hide behind character, even though we’re really expressing ourselves, but people don’t tell that. But musical performers are up there and it’s them. I have a guitar and this is the song I wrote, this is how I feel. But the power you have to make people feel good is extraordinary and that’s the reason why these performers are unstoppable.”

First off, that is SO true!

Second, though, a guitar and a songwriter… what an interesting combination, right Tom?!

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Who knows — maybe Tay-Tay swept him off his feet with a little musical number! She is the best of the best, after all!!

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