What Is Freebording?

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Freebords Make Snowboarding Year-Round Possible—Even On Asphalt!

Freebording was created when an enthusiastic bunch of snowboarders decided that they just couldn’t wait for the white stuff to get their ride on.  By examining how snowboards really work (how the edges cut into the snow for hard slicing and how the flat base allows slides and switches) and comparing that motion to the mechanical limitations of skateboards, the creators came up with a Freebord design that gives riders the best of both worlds.  They get the mobility and freedom that snowboards offer and the portability and the sick possibilities that skateboards allow all rolled into one.  Now there’s no need to wait for snow!

If a Skateboard and a Snowboard Got It On, You’d Get a Freebord!

What Is Freebording?Essentially the Freebord is a skateboard with wider trucks but the addition of a fifth and sixth wheel (which rotate 360 degrees) in the center section of the deck is really what makes this machine so extreme.  It is this extra pair of wheels that allows Freebord riders the amazing snowboard-like level of control because they’re set lower than the four main wheels, creating a “rocking” motion that riders can use to slide, slow down, reverse, and even stop just like they would in the snow.

Freebords also utilize unique S2 bindings instead of relying on grip tape alone to give riders that extra bit of control.  These bindings make sliding, stopping, and switching directions as slick and simple as leaning into it.  But unlike the bindings you’d find on snowboards, these custom made S2 bindings don’t actually lock a rider’s feet to the board.  That’s essential for safety as Freebords were meant for hard surfaces—faceplanting on pavement hurts a “little” more than getting whitewashed.

Freebord Riders Break Nature’s Laws

Snowboarding is a downhill sport no matter how you look at it but Freebording doesn’t depend on the tenants of Newtonian physics (A.K.A. Gravity).  Freebord riders can take on just about any urban terrain and the boards are perfect for any riding style.  Whether you want to take it the extreme and rip your Freebord down the steepest hills—hill bombing like a madman—or simply cruise around town showing skaters how it should be done, Freebords make your ride your own.

And just as it is in skateboarding, the type and style of your hardware can change the feel and handling of your Freebord instantly.  That’s why stores like Black Diamond Sports stock a wide variety of wheels, trucks, bindings, and of course the Freeboards themselves.  Customize your ride and take your Freebording experience up a notch or three.  Black Diamond Sports even sells pre-mixed kits that have everything you need to fit your style of riding (bombing the steeps, cruising the mellows, or something in between) on the cheap!

So if you’re looking for the thrill of carving down a snow covered slope but can’t wait for Mother Nature to put the powder down, check out Freebording.  And get all your Freebord essentials from your friendly neighborhood exclusive Freebord supplier BlackDiamondSports.com

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